What Phones Support Apex Legends Mobile? System Requirements Guide

Apex Legends

Soon, Respawn Entertainment will release the first mobile version of Legends of Apex, available on iOS and Android. Let us explain which phones support Apex Legends Mobile since the system requirements have been published on the official gaming website.

Apex Legends Mobile System Requirements: Which Phones Support the Game From Respawn Entertainment

For Android smartphones, you need a device that supports Android 6.0 or higher. All gadgets that have not received official updates from the manufacturer will not suit. These include the majority of Chinese brands that are curtailing support after 2-3 years from the date the device was released to the market.

You need a processor not lower than Snapdragon 435 or Helio P20. The graphics subsystem must be compatible with OpenGL 3.1+, and for installation, you will need 4 GB of internal memory space. The RAM capacity is listed as at least 2 GB, but it is better to have more RAM in case there are background applications or operating system services.

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If you are playing on iOS devices, you will need an iPhone 6S or a newer smartphone from Apple. The OS itself must be from 11.0+. The recommended processor for comfortable gameplay is at least A9. The capacity of RAM and permanent memory is identical (4/2).

As for tablets and mobile phones, any device released in the last 3-4 years will be able to launch a battle royale, provided that it fully meets the above criteria. We advise you to save more disk space for installing future updates and patches.

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What Phones Support Apex Legends Mobile? System Requirements Guide


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