How Does Psyche Work in Chernobylite? Mental Health Guide

How Does Psyche Work in Chernobylite? Mental Health Guide

Since Chernobylite is a survival horror game, your character has the necessary needs. And the psyche is one of them. In this guide, we will tell you more about this feature.

Chernobylite Psyche Guide

The psyche in Chernobylite is a difficult thing since the characters are susceptible to the influence on them of various circumstances and because of this, their morale can be significantly lost. It is important to stay on track in order to maintain sanity, therefore it is critically important to monitor the condition of the squad members, both physical and mental. It is definitely better not to send the badly injured and stressed-out characters on missions.

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Many factors affect the psyche in Chernobylite, including physical health, comfort (the game has a mechanic that allows you to surround the heroes with more or less comfortable conditions at the base). You should take into account the opinions of the squad members about the current situation. Even if you disagree, you need to listen since this will have a positive effect on the psyche of comrades-in-arms. It is also important that the whole team is well-fed and not starving, and has regular rest. This is the most basic thing. If you follow all this, the mental health of your characters will be ok.

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How Does Psyche Work in Chernobylite? Mental Health Guide


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