Hori Switch Pad Pro Features: Joystick, New Attachment Set and More


All versions of the Nintendo Switch console, with the exception of the Nintendo Switch Lite, include the signature Joy-Con controllers. These controllers, while quite innovative, aren’t among the best controllers that Nintendo ever put out, as they come with a poor directional pad, sticks that are prone to drift, and very small buttons that are a problem for players with big hands.

Thankfully, Nintendo did provide a better controller with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but unfortunately, this controller cannot be used in handheld mode, essentially forcing players to go for tabletop mode if they wanted to have that portable experience the console offers without having to deal with the small buttons of the Joy-Con controllers.

Hori, however, has come to the rescue a while back with the Switch Pad Pro, an excellent controller that is set to become even better in the near future. Here’s everything there is to know about it.

Hori Switch Pad Pro Features: Joystick, New Attachment Set and More

The Hori Switch Pad Pro is the solution for those who don’t find the regular Joy-Con controllers comfortable and want to use sturdier, more reliable controllers for using the console in handheld mode.

The Hori Switch Pad Pro is much bigger in size than the regular Joy-Con controllers, it is easy to grip, thanks to a superior design that makes using it comfortable even after hours, it comes with two additional programmable rear buttons that can be assigned to different functions, and it is dock friendly, meaning that they will fit into the dock without any problem.

The one thing that was missing from the Hori Switch Pad Pro was the ability to use it as a regular controller, but this will soon be a thing of the past with the Attachment Set. This accessory will let players use the controller as if it were any regular wired controller with additional features like a headphone jack and a mic jack for voice chat, potentially replacing the excellent Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for all your Switch gaming needs.

More information on the Hori Switch Pad Pro and the upcoming Attachment can be found on the manufacturer’s official website.

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Hori Switch Pad Pro Features: Joystick, New Attachment Set and More


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