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Homescapes Guide for Beginners on How to Start Renovating a House

Homescapes Guide for Beginners on How to Start Renovating a House

Homescapes is a match 3 game in which you solve countless puzzles by completing assigned tasks. This allows you to gradually renovate a huge mansion. For each level, you get stars, which are used to improve the dilapidated building and bring it to its proper form, as well as to purchase new furniture and other items.

The basic gameplay of Homescapes is quite simple. However, there are certain subtleties that you should be aware of before starting. Understanding them can greatly speed up your progress in the game.

Welcome to Your New Home

When you start the game, the first thing you do is get to know its main character, Austin. This is a person with vast experience as a butler. He was entrusted with the important task of renovating a huge mansion. Fortunately, Austin has a player like you. You will help him collect the necessary materials to successfully complete his work.

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At first, you will notice that the house needs major repairs. For repairs, you will need to collect stars. This is the game currency that is used to clean the house, fix its flaws, buy new furniture, and perform various repairs. The only way to earn these stars is by completing challenging match 3 puzzles, as well as other mini-games.

Homescapes Boosters and How to Use Them

You can complete the first levels of the game simply by combining shapes randomly. But at some point, you will face a dramatically increased complexity. Here, you will have to look for new tactics for passing puzzles and create more and more complex combinations of shapes. By making a combination of four or more pieces, you will receive a booster. When activated, you will receive various effects depending on the type of booster, which will help you complete the level faster and easier.

Depending on how many pieces you have combined, different special boosters are created in the game. Here is a complete list of them:

  • Rockets
    • Created by combining four shapes in a line. They are used to clear an entire column or row on the playing field. Rockets can be horizontal or vertical depending on how exactly the combination was made.
  • Bombs
    • Created by combining five or six figures in the shape of the letters G or T. When used, these boosters explode and destroy many figures around them.
  • Paper planes
    • Created by combining four shapes into a square. When used, they destroy pieces in a crisscross pattern, and then fly to a random piece and destroy it too. Paper planes are often used in difficult areas of the playing field. Although they do not destroy many figures, they are great for destroying various obstacles in hard-to-reach places of the level.
  • Rainbow Balls
    • Created by combining five shapes in a line. When used, this booster removes all pieces of the same type from the board. Just drag it to the adjacent shape and you will see how all of the shapes of this type will simply disappear from the playing field.

As you progress through the infinite number of levels in Homescapes, you will notice that the strategies you use at the beginning of the game will quickly lose their relevance, and you will start to lose due to the lack of moves in the puzzle. Therefore, you have to learn to use boosters correctly.

Just remember that all boosters can be combined with each other for even better results. Combine them depending on the current situation on the game board.

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Homescapes Guide for Beginners on How to Start Renovating a House


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