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Homescapes Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat All Levels (2020 Update)

Homescapes Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat All Levels (2020 Update)

Following the success of Gardenscapes, Playrix Games has released Austin the Butler’s newest adventure: Homescapes! Austin travels back to his parent’s house to relieve precious memories only to find out the whole place is about to fall apart!

Help Austin play through match-3 puzzlers to restore the house to its former glory. Our Homescapes cheats and tips will help you perfect your match-3 technique!

Homescapes is very similar to Gardenscapes in that you’ll need to play puzzle levels to restore parts of the house, so if you were skilled in that game you’ll do fine here! Even if you’re not, that’s why we’re here with our Homescapes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Go for the Paper Planes

Homescapes has all of your typical match-3 puzzle game special pieces, like the rockets that clear horizontally or vertically and the bombs that clear a space around them. There is one special piece that you should be aware of, and that’s the Paper Plane.

Paper planes are created when you match four pieces in the a square or box formation. Paper planes, when activated, will automatically fly towards your next objective.

If you’re on a level where you need to clear a specific amount of pieces, the plane will clear out one piece for you. If you’re dealing with locked pieces, the plane will break one of them free. If you need to carpet the area, the plane will target an uncarpeted area.

Basically, paper planes are those boosters that let you hit a specific spot on command, except you can actually create them! Utilize them – they’re incredibly helpful!

Utilize the rockets

The special Rocket pieces in this game act like the usual row/column clearing pieces in match-3 puzzle games. However, they’re especially important here because of the carpeting levels.

You need to cover the entire board with green carpet to clear these levels, and you have to spread the carpet by matching pieces already on it.

If you have rockets on the board, they can make these levels a piece of cake because they spread carpet regardless of where they are. Use them to cover hard to reach columns and rows or just generally tucked away areas.

Don’t be afraid to use boosters

The only currency that seems to be present are the regular coins you earn in-game. You can spend these coins on changing up furniture inside your home and using them to help you through the levels.

Before a level starts you can buy some boosters, and don’t be afraid to use them if you’re having trouble.

You don’t really need coins for anything else, so go for it! Also, when you run out of moves on a level, you can spend 900 coins to gain five more moves if you were on the verge of clearing the level. Bottom line is not to be afraid of spending your coins!

Try to save moves

Every move you have left over once you’ve beaten a level is transformed into a special piece on the board. You’ll mostly create rocket pieces but every now and then you’ll end up with bombs.

After they’re created, all pieces will be set off simultaneously for a crazy explosion that will net you a bunch of bonus coins. Try to conserve your moves to the best of your ability for those bonus endgame coins!

Create special tiles!

Yes, this is a match three game, but if you are planning to only match three in a row, you won’t get far in the later stages of the game! Instead, go for matches that give you special tiles as a reward as it is those that will help you beat all levels and clear the hard to reach spots.

Try to take your time and always make sure that you create the best possible matches on the board, resulting in the best boosters for your current situation.

Even more, do your best to save these up until later in the level, and then match and mix them together for increasing their effects and removing as many tiles on the board as possible.

Create matches at the bottom

This is a rule that I consider vital in every match three game out there and Homescapes makes no exception.

Whenever you don’t have any solid match higher up on the board (that can result in a special tile or remove one or more of your mission’s goals) it is always a good idea to create matches as close to the bottom as possible.

When you do so, you have the chance to completely reshuffle the board – or at least create some nice waves – that can result in better matches for you and a faster progression to the end of the level. So keep this in mind and whenever you are in doubt, create matches down low!

Always strategize a bit

Homescapes is indeed a casual game for mobile, one that supposedly won’t challenge you too much – but those who have played it a bit know that you actually have to strategize a bit in order to win those difficult levels!

Remember that you’re not racing against time in this game, but against a limited number of moves, so make sure that each move you make is the best possible at that momet.

This means that you should carefully analyze the board, see what moves are available and make the one that helps you get closer to your goal. Ideally, you should also anticipate as much as possible the effect the move will have on the tiles, taking into account tile drops and the new look of the board after you make your move.

If you want to be a Pro and beat all those difficult stages, you will have to strategize and plan ahead!

You can always change the decor

If you’re starting to get bored with the item choices that you have made when you first redecorated the house, or you simply want a different option and approach – you can do so at any time!

Simply tap and hold over any object that you have already purchased and you can select a new one from the menu that appears. This way, you will never get bored with the same design and you can always try something new.

Join a team & get as many friends as possible

No matter how much you strategize and how good of a player you are, there will always be levels that will need a few retries. And this is when having a bunch of friends – and/or being part of a really solid team is extremely important.

The goal of both is to reward you with free retries and new hearts once yours run out and you can never say that you have too many friends in Homescapes – so make sure to connect your Facebook account to it and add as many people as possible in order to seameslly go through the levels and have as many retries as you want or need.

Not to mention the fact that connecting to Facebook rewards you instantly with 1,000 coins, which you can definitely put to some really good use, right?

That’s all for Homescapes. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Homescapes Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat All Levels (2020 Update)



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