The Libera is one of the many one-handed weapons that players can get in Guardian Tales. It is a four-star sword-type weapon for the Knight that does a lot of damage when maxed out. Libera’s evolved five-star variant is one of the best weapons for the Knight, whether you use it in Arena, Raids, PvE, or any other modes. In this article, we will talk about how players can get Libera in Guardian Tales.

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How to Get Libera in Guardian Tales

Players can get Libera from Heavenhold by paying 3,200,000 Soul Points. If you are looking for ways to get Libera, you may already be quite adept at the game, still, if you are a new player, Soul Points are the in-game currency in Guardian Tales that you can get at your base Heavenhold, once you clear world 1.

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Make sure you increase your Soul Points storage. Without that, you won’t be able to accumulate 3,200,000 Soul Points, and that means, you won’t be able to buy the Libera sword.

Libera‘s Basic Stats

Here are the basic stats for Libera’s evolved five-star variant at level 68.

  • Damage – 2,216-2,482 DPS
  • Main Option –
    • Crit Hit Chance 5%
    • HP +12.0%
    • Def +8.0%
    • Weapon Skill Regen Speed +8.0%
  • Sub Option –
    • Skill Damage +12.0% (Max. of 1 random abilities granted)
  • Skill Information – Thunder Strike Lvl. 2
    • Atk: 179% DPS
    • Regen time: 8.5 seconds
    • Strikes the target and nearby enemies with powerful lightning. Puts enemies in airborne state.

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When the Knight equips the Libera sword, he gets additional stat bonuses like for every hit with Libera, the weapon summons a bolt of lightning with a high chance that inflicts an additional 10% of DPS damage. The weapon skill also increases to Lv +3 and players get an additional 10% ATK bonus.

Guardian Tales is currently available to download for free on Android and iOS platforms.

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