The world of Kanterbury needs you! Command a squad of heroes and fight for justice in Guardian Tales, an action RPG inspired by classic pixel RPGs of yesteryear. Guardian Tales is a gacha game, so there’s plenty of heroes to choose from, but which ones are the best? We’ve got the latest tier info here collected by community data to help you decide, so let’s get started with our Guardian Tales tier list!

Be sure to use your browser’s find command to see where your favorite units are in the tier list. Remember that tiers are not the end all, be all – they’re simply a way to measure the overall strength of a unit.

S Tier

Future Knight

Future Princess

Exorcist Miya

Eight-tailed Fox Nari

Nine-tailed Fox Garam

Mecha Warrior Oghma

Dark Magician Beth

Flower Girl Bari

Drunken Swordmaster Lynn

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A Tier

Archangel Gabriel

Noble Succubus Bianca

Idol Captain Eva

Movie Star Eugene

Aspiring Warrior Craig

Golem Rider Alef

Scrivener Lahn

Executive Red Hood Arabelle

Dragon Avatar Vishuvac

Ice Witch Lupina

Dragon Talon Clan Ranpang

Knight Lady Lapice

Pirate Rachel

Leaf Fairy Aoba

Red Hood Elvira

Dimension Traveler Catherine

Sniper Hekate

Grand Admiral Marina

Dancing Archer Tinia

Santa’s Little Helper Rue

Mad Scientist Gremory

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B Tier

Battleball Girl Rie

Kung Fu Master Mei

Scientist Sohee

Goddess of War Plitvice

Innuit Girl Coco

Vampire Girl Karina

Swordsman Akayuki

Dragon Knight Shapira

Engineer Marianne

Swindler Magician Dolf

Princess Aisha

C Tier

The Knight (Main character)

Desert Mercenary Marvin

Succubus Adventurer Yuze

Knight Captain Eva

Twin Healer Favi

Dragon Seeking Girl Neva

Fire Dragon Girgas

Twin Fighter Lavi

Dual-personality Maid Amy

D Tier

Innkeeper Loraine

White Beast

Have any thoughts or comments about a certain hero’s position? Talk it out in the comments below!

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