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Grand Chase Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build the Best Band of Heroes

Grand Chase Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build the Best Band of Heroes

If you’re wondering how to play Grand Chase Mobile in order to unlock the rarest heroes and build an invincible team, you’re at the right place! Our Grand Chase cheats and tips article will guide you through all the steps that you need to make early on in order to progress faster and do better than others.

Many of us were eagerly anticipating the launch of Grand Chase for mobile and sweet nostalgia will hit you if you’ve played the original years ago. But even if you didn’t, you will see that this is a really solid RPG for mobile with gacha elements and a lot of stats and things to consider. A true gem for sure!

And we’re here to try and make it better for you by sharing a bunch of Grand Chase tips and tricks in our guide below. So let’s get this started!

Use 10+1 Premium Summon ASAP
We’ve talked about this in our reroll guide for the game and it is probably one of the most important things to deal with first if you want to make sure that you’ll be up for a decent start in the game.

Basically, you receive enough Premium Summon tickets after joining the game to pull of a 10+1 summon. This is what you should always do first, because if you are not satisfied with the results obtained (the heroes you got), you can try for a reroll and improve your chances.

Wait in between fights for skill countdown reset
The easiest way to make sure that you have all the skills available for use during battle is to simply be patient for a little bit. In other words, when you’re done with a wave of enemies, don’t rush to move forward. Instead, wait for the skill counters to go down and start moving only after they’re all reset.

Focus on developing your best heroes
You can’t upgrade all your unlocked heroes – and you shouldn’t even try to do that. Instead, you should focus on developing the best heroes in Grand Chase and these are normally the ones with S and SR ranks.

IMPORTANT! The number of stars is not as important as the rarity of a hero. For example, you can have an A hero upgraded to 6 stars, but it will still be weaker than a SR hero and most likely than a S hero, no matter how many stars they have.

So you should always focus on upgrading and evolving your best heroes available. A list is relatively difficult to make, because it all depends on the heroes you have and even your play style, but we have created a tier list for you to check out if you’re looking for a ranking of heroes.

Research Party Skills
Party Skills are extremely important, as they can really make the difference in battle. Therefore, make sure to constantly research them, focusing on the ones that are most useful for you.

I would recommend to focus first on two main skills – a healing Party Skill and one that causes lots of damage. If you’re planning to build a team with a healer (although I don’t recommend it because it’s best to simply use the Healing Party Skill instead and bring a damage dealer to your group instead of a feeble healer), then you should completely avoid the Healing Skill for your party.

Hero training based on your Party
Apart from the Party Skill, the game has an interesting mechanic that allows us to do Hero training using special resources that we gather while playing.

In this case, things should be pretty easy: focus entirely on the heroes that you use in battle. So if you have a party without ranged units and without healers (pretty much like I do), then you should never invest in those two hero types because it would be nothing but a waste of resources.

Instead, invest the most in the hero types that you use the most (in my case, the mages), without forgetting about the other types. The boosts received to stats following this type of training are pretty impressive!

Complete the missions
Each time you get into the game, take a look at the daily and weekly missions and focus on getting them completed as soon as possible. This will give you amazing rewards that will help you grow faster than the rest.

Keep an eye on events
To complete the missions list, we will always have some events active in Grand Chase. These will always offer amazing rewards, usually based on how active you are and how well you’ll perform in completing specific tasks in the game.

Therefore, you should always keep an eye out for all the events active in the game and try to perform as good as you can in order to grab those rewards. Try to do the tasks that complete both event quests and daily or weekly missions first in order to shoot two birds with one stone.

All the battles for the best
There are so many places where you can battle in Grand Chase that you will probably never have all the time you’d like to have in order to do them all each day. But you should, because the top rewards are there for the top players. So tap the battle button in the lower right corner of your screen and work your magic there with as many battles as possible.

Remember: Auto battles with auto skills are your friends here – just remember to look at the screen every now and then to cast the Party Skills, which are never cast automatically.

Focus on adventure
However, you should focus – especially early on – on getting as far as possible in the Adventure stages. Not only that you will receive a ton of heroes and amazing rewards, but you will also unlock most of the content in the game through completing these adventures.

So complete as many as possible (again, auto battles usually help you a lot here) and go as far as possible, as soon as possible in order to have access to more in-game features.

Fusing better heroes tip

This requires a bit of work, but it’s worth it in the end. So, instead of selling or fusing the crappier 4 star S rank heroes that you get, upgrade them all the way to 5 stars +9. Then, start fusing your heroes for a chance at scoring a SR (the higher the ranks of your fusing heroes, the higher your chances of scoring a SR ranked one).

If your fusing fails, you will still get a better heroes – normally a 6* S hero, which is still worth a lot of Prana (see below). I don’t think it’s worthwhile going through the trouble of fusing 6* heroes and trying for SR ones as it takes time and many resources, but if you have these… do it!

Prana tip
Here is a tip I have for you to gather a bit more Prana than you normally would, in order to have an easier life when it comes to taking advantage of the best offer in the Prana shop.

Remember that there are special events in the game where you can get even more Prana for various actions performed in game, such as selling your hero. There are special events (usually on Friday) where you can get double the amount of Prana for selling your heroes. That’s when you should sell most of your heroes, especially those 6 star S ranked ones that you don’t plan to use in your main party.

How to get more heroes
Everybody wants to get more heroes in the game and the good news is that Grand Chase gives you many opportunities to have a lot of heroes. It is true, most of these heroes will be completely useless in the long run, but it’s really worth getting as many as possible because of the benefits you get from fusing them or simply turning them intro Prana.

The easiest way to get more heroes is to do the Summons in the shop (the Rare ones are cheaper and you also get free tries regularly), but you will get even more from other areas of the game.

Basically, everything that happens in Grand Chase gets you closer and closer to receiving more heroes: completing missions in the adventure will usually do so, there are a lot of in-game stores that can give you tickets to purchase rare heroes (such as the Guild shop or the Prana shop), there are special events and all the battles that can give you more heroes.

So you should be really active in the game and perform as good as you can in order to always rank high everywhere, and this way you will have more heroes than most. And once you start having a ton of heroes, you’ll also start to increase your chances of getting the rare ones as well.

How to build the perfect team
Now, having a lot of heroes doesn’t matter much because you can only select 4 of them for battle. But how to create that awesome team based on the heroes that you have unlocked?

First of all, you should definitely try to focus on the rarer heroes (any SR is practically a must have in your team until you have more to choose from) and only afterwards decide upon their type. There are five types of characters in the game, as follows:

Assault: Focused on damage dealing, usually through melee combat
Healer: Support characters that focus on healing your team
Mage: Damage dealers, usually from afar and through the use of magic
Ranger: Damage dealers, ranged units
Tank: Support units with lots of health that focus on protecting your other team members

Now, in most cases with similar games, the recommendation is to always have a healer in your team. But I wouldn’t recommend that: not only that there’s no good healer of a higher rarity, but you also have the healing skill within your Party Skills, so you can use that instead. Healers deal little damage and are generally useless on the battlefield, taking up valuable space that could be put to better use somewhere else.

Now, the way that I am building my team is this: one Assault, one Tank and two Mages. I am not a very big fan of Ranged units and haven’t found one to really like, so I completely ignore them together with the healers. Mages are extremely solid damage dealers and if you pair them up with a solid support/tank (like Poseidon) they will have no problem surviving even the most difficult fights.

Of course, you might not be able to use a team like the one recommended by me if you don’t have really solid heroes in this category, but if you do, I recommend giving this format a try as it really works well!

The Guild System is pure gold
Last but not least, we should talk about the amazing Guild system. Make sure that you join a really active guild – and do so as soon as possible because the guilds come with one major advantage: you can exchange evostones, making it a lot easier for you to focus on getting the heroes you want upgraded and evolved.

There are other benefits too, but this is the main one and you should make sure to take advantage of it. Then add some friends and be sure they’re active in order to receive the keys to open the chests… and you’re all set from greater glory!

This would be everything that we have for you right now in terms of Grand Chase tips and tricks for the mobile game. If you have some additional recommendations for fellow players, let us know by commenting below. Also, if you have questions regarding the more advanced features of the game, tell us as well.

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Grand Chase Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build the Best Band of Heroes


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