There’s a new update available for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (so if you haven’t visited the App Store to update the app, do so now!) and among under the hood enhancements and bug fixes, it brings a great new feature: you can now ear free clams in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff by completing collections. The best part? It all comes naturally from playing the game and you’re most likely ready to get some nice rewards if you’ve been playing the game regularly.

The collections are available in game by hitting the FaceSpace button and they are divided into two categories right now: Characters and Outfits. This means that unlocking specific male characters, for example, will give you 10 free Clams, the two gals will give you 5 clams, the kids 25 and so on. The same goes for the outfits, each set rewarding you with 25 free clams.

So even though we’re not talking about a ton of free clams, it’s better than nothing and it sure gives you a new reason to try unlocking everything in the game. And if you need help, check out our guide on how to unlock all characters and our general tips & tricks article.


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