In the iOS game Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff you can unlock many characters from the show and I am sure your main goal will be to unlock them all. At the moment of writing this article, there are 18 characters that you can unlock in the game and I am here to make it a little easier for you by sharing a complete guide on how to unlock all characters in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff.

The general rule of thumb is that you need to go through the same process over and over again in order to unlock a character: unlock a new district, build a new building, complete the character requests and you have your new character. Below is a list of the characters and requirements to unlock them (District and building):

1. Peter Griffin – Main character, unlocked at the start of the game
2. Chris Griffin – The Griffin House / District 1
3. Bonnie Swanson – The Swanson House / District 1
4. Glenn Quagmire – The Quagmire House / District 1

5. Jerome – The Drunken Clam / District 2
6. Bruce – The Founding Father / District 2

7. Lois Griffin – The Stop’n Shop / District 3
8. Mort Goldman – Goldman’s Pharmacy / District 3

9. Joe Swanson – James Woods High / District 4
10. John Herbert – The Playground / District 4

11. Meg Griffin – Quahog Oceanland / District 5
12. Seamus – Lighthouse / District 5

13. Brian Griffin – Quahog Public Library / District 6
14. Dr. Elmer Hartman – Quahog Hospital / District 6

15. Connie D’Amico: We Heal You Long Time / Unknown District
16. Tricia Takanawa – PF Chinese / Unknown District
17. Carter Pewterschmidt – Quahog Cinema / Unknown District
18. Stewie Griffin – Bob’s Funland / Unknown District

Most likely, the characters in the “unknown district” category right now are going to be made available via quests in the game, and most likely in the 6th district. We still haven’t got that far.

When it comes to unlocking the characters after getting the buildings and to the districts required, the path will be similar: you need to gather “stuff” from their wish list. Make sure you check out all the stuff as in some cases, you will be able to work on more than one at a time, therefore rushing the process of getting your new characters.

Also, except for the 18 characters listed above, there are a few premium characters which can be unlocked at any time, in any district, if you pay Clams for them:

Buzz Killington – Barrington Country Club / 250 Clams
Consuela – Consuela’s House / 300 Clams
Brain Damaged horse – Quahog Derby Stables / 120 Clams
Jake Tucker – Church / 50 Clams

Did you find any other character in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, one that is not listed here? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. I just started this game and I’m already stuck. I got Bonnie and all bubbles have a check mark but the quest still won’t unlock! Help!!! Please :)

  2. Im on level 31 and have unlocked up thru Tricia Takanawa. Still working on a quest but I noticed another character to unlock… Tom Tucker in Quohog News building. I have men working on clearing the final couple areas. I will post any new goodies.

  3. I’m hanging at level 31 aND have all areas cleared and can’t go further. Do you have to be higher on level to unlock Stewie and last 3 guys? Help…….

  4. I have everything done that can be, all land cleared even bought extra stuff, kinda bored with the game now cause I’ve gone up 2 levels since I’ve unlocked clevland and still haven’t gotten a new quest. I really wanna know when stewie is gonna be unlocked? And if not him who and when?

  5. I already have all of the characters except Stewie, Tom, Carter, and Adam west, but I also have all of the quests done, all sections cleared, and loads of money and idols. At least any idea when the rest will be unlocked. Also why can’t we get Diane, Ollie, Jillian, or any number of other characters that could be added in?

  6. I uninstalled it yesterday… the story arc was moving too slowly, and was becoming non-amusing. Plus, each update seemed to significantly increase the amount of storage that the game occupied on my phone. Almost 700mb by the end.

    The game was great initially. Positive experience overall, but the designers just dragged it out too long.

  7. I have joe unlocked but h don’t have james woods high and I need it for one of my quest I looked in my inventory and every where else I don’t have james woods high can anyone help

  8. I have Dr Hartman, but i don’t seem to have Quahog Hospital I’ve been through the shop it’s not there and it’s not in my inventory. I am on the football quest and need to collect gloves using Dr Hartman at the Hospital but can’t do it what do I do?


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