Genshin Impact Windtrace event is currently underway. To start the event, players can open the events tab and navigate to the Windtrace event section. There they can start the event quest “A Timeless Classic” where they have to talk to an NPC called Gygax. Once that is done, it’s time for PVP hide-and-seek.

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In Genshin Impact’s Windtrace event, we have two sides, the Hunter(1-Player) and the Rebels(3-Players). A simple explanation of the event would be – Hunter will have to wait for 30 seconds while Rebels are hiding. Once the timer is up. Hunter has to use his event-exclusive skills to catch rebels. Whilst, Rebels have to use their event exclusive skills to hide from the hunter till the timer is up.

In this Windtrace event Rebel guide, we will share tips on how to hide from hunters without getting caught.

Windtrace Event Rebel Guide

Unlike the Hunter’s, Rebels in the Windtrace event have only four skills, out of which three are active. These skills are –

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  • Transparency – Enter hidden mode temporarily. During this time, you cannot be seen by the Hunter. Entering this mode will dispel your current guise. The Hunter’s Windwart Arts ”Capture!,” Mysterious Hunch,” and ”Sensor Aura” will all still take effect against a hidden Rebel.
  • Disguise – Clicking the Elemental skill key will randomly disguise you as one of the specialized objects in the area. Meanwhile, holding the same key will remove the disguise. The disguise will also be removed when you glide or swim.
  • Starstep – Movement SPD is greatly increased for the next 30s.
  • Lay Bait Place a suitable piece of bait in the area ahead to confuse the Hunter. If the Hunter attempts to capture the Bait, their vision will be obscured for a short time. If you are in disguise, the Bait will take on the same guise as you.

How to easily hide from Hunters

The first and foremost action you have to take to easily hide from the hunter is getting out of his sight. In the preparation time of thirty seconds, you have to find a building or area which blocks the Hunters line of sight. You can also use transparency skill to enter hidden mode.

Look for Hiding Spots where you can easily blend in

Image Credit – Hritwik | Screengrab via Genshin Impact

Your disguise is more effective as a Rebel if you find a location where you can easily blend in. Hiding in open areas with a disguise that seems out of ordinary is not a good approach.

In the above image, you can see I chose a location behind the buckets and disguised as a hay.

You can also try to find small and hard to reach areas to hide. If disguise is not possible let it be transparency.

Look for trees and high buildings/structures like Windmill

In Genshin Impact’s Wintrace event, the contested zones often have high locations such as Springvale’s Windmill, Diluc’s Mansion in Dawn Winery, the big trees in Wuwang hills, etc.

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Climbing those structures and blending in or being out of the hunters sight by continuously moving will help you in win the game as rebels.

Mess with the hunter in the team chat

In the Windtrace event, you have secret chat to talk with other rebels, then you have the team chat, where the messages can also be read by the hunter. So why not use it to your advantage.

In the team chat send messages that will draw the hunter’s attention. Try to throw them off for a while. If you can waster even 30 seconds of their time, it will be worth it.

I generally use the team chat when the hunter in my line of sight. Messages like “Oh, no he is approaching my hiding location”, “I am hiding on top of the tree he could never find me”, etc, does get hunter’s attention. At least it has worked for me in many of the matches.

Image Credit – Hritwik | Screengrab via Genshin Impact

Additional Tips

  • Try to stay away from the outward part of the Contested area. That is where most hunters look for the rebels.
  • Make sure to use your event exclusive skills to the fullest.
  • Try to get hands-on Favor, but be ready to get ambushed. You do not need favor to win matches in the event, but, if you get it first, it means the hunter cannot use his/her Elemental Burst like the Insight skill, etc.

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Genshin Impact Windtrace Event Rebel Guide: How to hide from Hunter and not get caught


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