Genshin Impact Windtrace event is currently underway. To start the event, players can open the events tab and navigate to the Windtrace event section. There they can start the event quest “A Timeless Classic” where they have to talk to an NPC called Gygax. Once that is done, it’s time for PVP hide-and-seek.

In Genshin Impact’s Windtrace event, we have two sides, the Hunter(1-Player) and the Rebels(3-Players). A simple explanation of the event would be – Hunter will have to wait for 30 seconds while Rebels are hiding. Once the timer is up. Hunter has to use his event-exclusive skills to catch rebels. Whilst, Rebels have to use their event exclusive skills to hide from the hunter till the timer is up.

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In this Windtrace event hunter guide, we will share tips on how to catch the rebels easily.

Windtrace Event Hunter Guide

Image Credit – Hritwik | Screengrab via Genshin Impact

Hunter’s have three active(six total) abilities that aid them in catching disguised rebels. These abilities are –

  • Mysterious Hunch – Briefly show the direction in which all Rebels can be found.
  • Capture! – Dispel the guise of a nearby Rebel and capture them.
  • Insight – Dispels the disguises of all Rebels and briefly marks their location on the minimap while showing the position of nearby Rebels on the scene with a pillar of light.
    • During this time, the Rebels will be unable to disguise themselves. They will also be warned of this action.
  • Sensor Aura – Scout a fixed area around yourself. You will be notified if a Rebel is in the area.
  • Imprisoning Curse Randomly dispels the disguise of one Rebel and restrains them for a time. During this time, the target will be unable to leave the restraining area.
    • The Rebels will be warned of this action.
  • Sensor Aura – Scout a fixed area around yourself. You will be notified if a Rebel is in the area.

How to easily catch Rebels

Your first and foremost action should be to have a close look at the contested zone image that appears during the ready phase. Secondly, learn which skill does what.

Keep an eye on at least one Rebel

Image Credit – Hritwik | Screengrab via Genshin Impact

During the preparation time keep an eye on at least one Rebel. Do not make it seem clear that you are focusing on him/her. If they are out of sight, notice the exits of the are the rebel went.

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In the above image, you can see I was focusing on Qiqi. She went behind the building, still, I kept looking at both the exits. After a few seconds, she disguised herself as a Lantern and hid behind the bushes. I was paying attention to Qiqi’s movement and nothing else. This will help you in shortening the search area.

Image Credit – Hritwik | Screengrab via Genshin Impact

Just when the preparation time was about to end Qiqi hid behind the bushes near the window. As soon as, timer ended I captured her.

Bait Rebels using Favors

Image Credit – Hritwik | Screengrab via Genshin Impact

Even though you win the game without using Favors, there are always players who try to get Favors when they appear in the contested areas.

Image Credit – Hritwik | Screengrab via Genshin Impact

When the Favor appears in Contested area, try to keep an eye on it, whilst being out of site. Hiding behind wall and obstacles, using third person perspective to look around will help. As soon as, a Rebel appears catch them using Capture! skill.

In my case, I was baiting the Favor and Mona took the bait. I ran and captured her.

Image Credit – Hritwik | Screengrab via Genshin Impact

Spam your ‘E’ skill

If you don’t have the Favor, you won’t be able to use skills that are replaced by the elemental burst. No worries, you have the most overpowered skill at your hands that comes with a very small cooldown.

Remember, we told you to have a close look at the contested area? Now it’s time to use your memory. Run around the corner of the contested area and spam your Capture! skill. The contested areas are not big, so if you run and spam your Capture! skill in an organized manner you can easily cover the entire area before the time ends.

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In my case, I spammed the Capture skill all around the winery and I didn’t find the last Rebel. That was fine, as the only place left was Diluc’s mansion. I climbed the mansion and spammed my Capture skill and viola, I got the last rebel.

Image Credit – Hritwik | Screengrab via Genshin Impact

Additional Tips

  • Use heights to scout the area.
  • Search the outward part of the contested areas first.
  • Try to capture at least on Rebel, as soon as the preparation time is over.
  • Baiting Favor is fine, but, make sure they do take the favor and escape.

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