The Unusual Hilichurl is a special enemy in Genshin Impact that was added with the version 1.1 update. Apart from the unusual appearance, a mask that reads Wei – a reference to miHoYo’s CEO and the in-game achievements that it brings alongside. Finding and killing the Unusual Hilichurl is not that rewarding. After defeated, the Unusual Hilichurl drops 1-3 Cabbage, 18 Adventure Experience and 233 Mora.

However, because of the rare appearance and achievements involved. Many of the Genshin Impact players are on a constant lookout for the Unusual Hilichurl. To help you out, we will share Unusual Hilichurls locations in this Genshin Impact guide.

Unusual Hilichurls locations

In Genshin Impact, players can find only two Unusual Hilichurls in a 12-hour window. Moreover, there are six different locations in Mondstadt and 8 different locations in Liyue were the Unusual Hilichurl spawn.

Once you kill an Unusual Hilichurl it will take 12 hours to spawn. Even if you find an unusual Hilichurl and don’t kill him – he will change location after the 12-hour refresh.

Disclaimer – We managed to find only eight locations, six we had found when the unusual Hilichurls were added in the game. So, to complete the guide, we had to use the images, locations and reference from the Genshin Impact Fandom and Community. We have credited them. So make sure to check their post out.

Unusual Hilichurl in Mondstadt

Image Via game8

[Credit – game8]

  • Unusual Hilichurl location 1 – By the Shrine of the Depths west of the Anemo Hypostasis in Stormbearer Mountains.
  • Unusual Hilichurl location 2 – On top of Lupus Boreas’ arena wall, slightly to the left of the entrance.
  • Unusual Hilichurl location 3 – On a broken bridge southeast of the Stormterror’s Lair Waypoint.
  • Unusual Hilichurl location 4 – Near the roots of the giant oak tree. If you’re standing near the waypoint, face the tree and go to the roots on the left side.
  • Unusual Hilichurl location 5 – On the edge of a cliff, overlooking the Cemetery of Swords.
  • Unusual Hilichurl location 6 – At the very tip of Cape Oath, overlooking the sea.

Unusual Hilichurl in Liyue

Image Via game8

[Image and Location credit – BeanSoup on Fandom]

Unusual Hilichurl location 1 – North East of Liyue Harbor, on top of a mountain.

Image Via BeanSoup

Unusual Hilichurl location 2 – Qingyun Peak on cloud shape rocks below the nearest teleporter. On the mountain side.

Image Via BeanSoup

Unusual Hilichurl location 3 – In the Qingce Village Flower Fields.

Image Via BeanSoup

Unusual Hilichurl location 4 – Tianqiu Valley directly west of the nearest teleporter.

Image Via BeanSoup

Unusual Hilichurl location 5 – In the middle Cuijue Slope.

Image Via BeanSoup

Unusual Hilichurl location 6 – Lingju Pass, in front of a green tent near the teleporter.

Image Via BeanSoup

Unusual Hilichurl location 7 – Mingyun Village, east of statue of seven.

Image Via BeanSoup

Unusual Hilichurl location 8 – On the top of a large cliff east of the Stone Gate teleporter. Players can glide from the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Domain.

Image Via BeanSoup

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