During the Through the Mist—A Particularly Particular Author world quest, Genshin Impact players are asked to find their way in the mist and make offerings to the perches. In this section of the quest, players have to make offerings at the perches located at Chirai Shrine, Shirikoro Peak, and West of Oina Beach.

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In this Genshin Impact guide, we will talk about the perch located inside the cave at Shirikoro Peak. We also share details on how to make offerings and the Shirikoro labyrinth feathers location.

Genshin Impact Shirikoro Peak Perch Location

The Shirikoro Peak Perch is located inside a cave. Go to Shirikoro Peak and you will spot the cave entrance. It’s big and out in the open.

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When you enter the cave, you will find Ruu standing near the Perch. Exhaust his dialogues and then touch the Perch. The Thunderbird feathers will move towards the Shirikoro Peak labyrinth, flooded with water.

To unflood the area, you have to find and guide three Seelie to their respective pillars.

  • The first Seelie is found on the right side of the perch.
  • The second Seelie is found on the left of the Perch, in the lower platform.
  • The third Seelie is found near the cave entrance.

After guiding the Seelie to their pillars, jump down and make your way towards the labyrinth.

How to Make an Offering

To make an offering to the perch, players have to find three feathers. Once that is done, players can return to the perch and offer the Thunderbird feathers as an offering.

Doing so will restore the perch and remove the mist surrounding the Shirikoro Peak area.

Shirikoro Peak Feathers Location

After unflooding the area, when players jump down, they will find all three feathers outside of the Shirikoro Peak labyrinth entrance. Move towards them and collect one of the three feathers — as the remaining two will move towards the labyrinth.

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Inside the Shirikoro Peak labyrinth, you will encounter a locked gate and a mechanism to open the gate. Sadly, there is a seal on the mechanism. And to undo the seal, you have to solve a relay puzzle.

Look around and you will find three relay stones. Collect them and put the relay stones as shown above to complete the circuit.

Using the mechanism, open the gate and defeat the Ruin Guard and collect the second feather.

Move further inside the labyrinth and you will encounter another area with a locked door and a flooded lower level.

Once again, look around and guide three Seelie to their pillar to un-flood the lower levels.

Hint: The last Seelie is behind the broken building structure, beyond a breakable wall.

After you have unflooded the area, use the below images to solve the relay stone puzzle. Once that is done, collect the last feather and offer them to the Perch.

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Genshin Impact Shirikoro Peak Puzzle: Make Offerings to the Perch


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