The Sacrificial Offering is a newly added world quest in Genshin Impact which players get right after completing A Strange Story in Konda world quest. It is a part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual where players have to cleanse a total of five sacred sakura trees. In this guide, we will walk you through each and every step of the Sacrificial Offering quest.

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Sacrificial Offering Quest Complete Guide

Here is a complete guide on Genshin Impact’s Sacrificial Offering quest, a part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.

Go to the abandoned shrine northeast of Konda Village

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Carry out the investigation at the abandoned shrine

Interact with the large kitsune statue to the east.

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Continue the investigation at the abandoned shrine

When players arrive at the Abandoned Shrine near Chinju Forest to carry out the investigation, they will find a Mysterious Shadow – she is a ghost, you heard us right. To complete “Continue the Investigation at the Abandoned Shrine” players have to find and interact with three Mysterious Shadows to move them in the central area.

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To move a single Mysterious Shadow to the central area, players have to interact with the shadow two times. Upon first interaction, the shadow will change its location. So, in total, players have to interact with Mysterious Shadows six times.

We already have a dedicated guide on it that offers the exact location of the Mysterious Shadows.

Head to the Grand Narukami Shrine to investigate

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Next, players have to head to the Grand Narukami Shrine and talk to an NPC called Inagi Hotomi. She will give players the Memento Lens gadget which is required to progress the sacrificial offering quest. And, it is used in solving a plethora of different puzzles.

Return to the abandoned shrine and use the Memento Lens to investigate

In this section of the quest, players have to use the Memento Lens on seven Earth Kitsune Statues to complete the investigation. The first statue is right in front of the Abandoned Shrine, where you first talk to the Mysterious Shadow, the rest locations we have shared below.

Earth Kitsune Statue Location 2

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Earth Kitsune Statue Location 3

Image Credit – Hritwik, miHoYo

Earth Kitsune Statue Location 4

Image Credit – Hritwik, miHoYo

Earth Kitsune Statue Location 5

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Earth Kitsune Statue Location 6

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Earth Kitsune Statue Location 7

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When you are done investigating the earth kitsune statue, you will find the sacred words which you need for the next section of the sacrificial offering quest.

Recite the sacred words in front of the Sky Kitsune Statue

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Recite the words from first to last order.

Find the barrier

Check out the below location guide for barrier location.

Destroy the barrier

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The cleansing puzzle in the Sacrificial Offering quest is easy, the lantern-like mechanism in the middle of the torii gate will have two magatama-like lights, rest will have three. Once everything is set, interact to pray.

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Defeat the Mysterious Samurai.

Talk to Kazari

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After defeating the samurai, Kazari once again will show up. The traveler and Kazari talk about the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual. Once players exhaust the Kazari’s dialogues, the Sacrificial Offering quest will end and players get 40 Primogems and 3 Hero’s wit as rewards.

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