Genshin Impact And this treasure goes to world quest

Pallad’s Dilemma is a world quest in Genshin Impact – auto-triggered whenever Palladis in the vicinity. It is one of the multi-encounter quests that players can do again and again. In this Genshin Impact world quest, players have to save Reckless Pallad – an NPC who is surrounded by monsters like Hilichurls, Slimes, etc – It depends on the quest location.

As we mentioned earlier, players can have multiple encounters with Pallad’s Dilemma quest depending on the location. And, to be more specific here are all the known locations in Genshin Impact where players can trigger Pallad’s Dilemma quest.

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  • Cape Oath, Mondstadt
  • Stormbearer Mountains, Mondstadt
  • Dawn Winery, Mondstadt
  • Starsnatch Cliff, Mondstadt
  • Windwail Highland, Mondstadt
  • Galesong Hill, Mondstadt
  • Stormbearer Coast, Mondstadt

How to save reckless Pallad in Genshin Impact

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Once players have triggered the world quest “Pallad’s Dilemma” in Genshin Impact from any of the aforementioned locations – they will be asked to defeat monsters and save Pallad.

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Kill all the monsters surrounding Reckless Pallad and then talk to him to complete the quest. Finding reckless Pallad becomes a daunting task, as even after defeating the monsters – he is bugged out and nowhere to be found. Though keep in mind – if you move far from the quest location – you will fail Pallad’s Dilemma quest.

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.


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