Genshin Impact is a gacha game with a plethora of playable characters. However, it still has the main protagonist around which the game story evolves. We are talking about the Traveler twins, Aether and Lumine.

Aether and Lumine are special five-star units that can withdraw the power of different elements even without a vision. And with the Inazuma region’s imminent release, it’s time to talk about the Electro Traveler elemental abilities, constellations, and passive abilities.

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Note: The details mentioned below are translated from Chinese version of the game. So expect some name changes and other similar things in the English release.

Electro Traveller Elemental Skill

The Electro Traveller elemental skill is called Lightning Shadow Blade. When players use this skill the traveller performs a slash which strikes out three lightning shadows. The Lightning shadow deals electro damage to an opponent whilst leaving a magatama when it hits the opponent.

Initially, you can only produce a maximum of two magatamas. Using the elemental ability clears the Magatama stack.

The magatama will be absorbed when it is near a character, giving players additional status boost for certain duration. These status boosts are –

  • Regenerates elemental energy.
  • In a certain duration, increases elemental energy and energy recharge proficiency.

Electro Traveller Elemental Burst

The Electro Traveller elemental burst attack is called Revolving Thunder. When players use the traveler’s elemental burst attack. They call forth a thunder surrounding the character, knocking back nearby enemies whilst dealing electro damage.

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When the Traveller is surrounded by the thunder, normal and charged attacks will summon a thunder strike dealing electro damage to the opponent. Dealing electro damage to the opponent generates energy particles for the current character. Also, the thunder strike attack has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Electro Traveller Constellations

Here are the six constellations for Electro Traveller.


Increases the maximum number of magatama produced to three when unleashing elemental skill lightning shadow blade.

Raging Thunder

When thunder strikes caused by elemental burst revolving thunder hits an opponent, it will decrease their electro resistance by 15%, this effect lasts for 8 seconds.

Continuous Thunder

Increases the level of revolving thunder by 3. Making the maximum talent upgrade level to 15.

Unpredictable Thunderstorm

When a character absorbs a magatama produced by lightning shadow, the following effects will take place; if the current character’s elemental energy is below 35% the magatama’s energy regeneration will increase by 100%.

Wild Thunder

Increases the level of lightning shadow blade by 3. Making the maximum talent upgrade level to 15.

The Thunder of God which Shock the Earth

Each time revolving thunder triggers two additional lightning strike. The damage of the next lightning strike will increase by 100%. And it regenerates one elemental energy for the current character.

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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