Genshin Impact’s Marvelous Merchandise event is currently underway. On the first day of the event, players are tasked to collect Sweet Flowers, Apples and Fowl for Liben. While finding these items is easy for veteran players, but for newcomers, it can become a daunting task. So to help them out, we have mentioned the locations of all three items, including Apples, Fowl and Sweet Flower.

Sweet Flower Location

The sweet flower is found out in the wild. It is a common plant that you will find in every location. However, for the Marvelous Merchandise event. Go to Mondstadt and talk to Flora. Purchase sweet flowers from her to complete the event objectives.

Genshin Impact Flora and Keqing
Image Credit – Hritwik

Apple Location

While there are many locations where Genshin Impact players can find apples. We recommend the Stormbearer Mountains, because, they offer more than enough apples to complete the event objectives. Genshin Impact’s Stormbearer mountains offer more than three apple trees in the vicinity. Players can easily forage more than 12 apples in a single area.

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The first location offers six apples.

Image Credit – Hritwik

Move along the Stormbearer mountain edge to find another apple tree.

Image Credit – Hritwik

Use interact keys to harvest the apples.

Image Credit – Hritwik

Another apple tree is located in the west side of Stormbearer mountain.

Image Credit – Hritwik

Look around the vicinity for more apple trees.

Image Credit – Hritwik

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Fowl Location

Finding Fowl is an easy task. Outside of Mondstadt city, on the bridge players can kill pigeons for fowl. And, if you have already killed them or they flew away. Try killing the swans in the below lake.

Image Credit – Hritwik

To successfully kill the pigeons on the bridge to get fowl in Genshin Impact, we recommend players to climb up one of the watchtowers. There use characters like Albedo, Keqing or Venti to get more height.

Image Credit – Hritwik

Perform a dive attack on the pigeons to kill all of them at once to get around 6 to 7 fowl. If you don’t have any of the aforementioned characters, then use Anemo Traveler Elemental Burst ability to kill the pigeons at once.

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Genshin Impact 1.5 Artifacts

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