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Genshin Impact Guide: Marvelous Merchandise Vendor Location, Quest and Rewards

Genshin Impact Guide: Marvelous Merchandise Vendor Location, Quest and Rewards

Today Genshin Impact has become one month old. The game has already stacked a lot of monetary and social achievements. Since launch Genshin Impact developers miHoYo are providing players with a continuous flow of small content updates. A few days ago, miHoYo announced Mona’s Story Quest Astrolabos Chapter and a new event Marvelous Merchandise.

Mona’s story quest is the 11th official story quest in Genshin Impact. Players can unlock the quest banner at Adventure Rank 26 and to play Mona’s story quest, the players must be Adventure Rank 38 or above and have completed the quest “The Darknight Hero’s Alibi” of Noctua Chapter: Act I.

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Now moving to the main topic Marvelous Merchandise, in this event each day players are provided with a hint of the location where they find Liben the merchant. There are some fetch quests involved. After completing those players will be rewarded with a “Box ‘O’ Marvels Key”. Players can use the same key to open an elemental box that contains different rewards like Primogems and Storybooks etc.

How to find Liben in Genshin Impact

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Liben’s location is mentioned in the events tab(compass-like icon located on the top right corner of the game screen). Players must go to the hinted location, explore the area, Liben is easy to spot as there’s a gift box icon on the map representing his location. Once you find Liben, you can find his exact location by going back to the events tab.

Current Location Update 31/10/2020: Statue of Seven North of Liyue

Genshin Impact: Statue of Seven North of Liyue
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Teleport to the Statue of Seven shown in the above map. Make a u-turn and go straight and you can spot Liben. For today’s quest players have to give ten carrots to Liben in order to get a key for Box ‘O’ Marvel.

How to get Box ‘O’ Marvels Key from Liben in Genshin Impact and redeem rewards

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  1. Visit Liben.
  2. Exhaust his dialogues and choose the first option with a yellow exclamation mark.
  3. He will give you a fetch quest like gather pinecones, etc. Complete the quest.
  4. Go back to Liben and turn in your gathered items and get the Box ‘O’ Marvels Key.
  5. Use the key to open any elemental box and redeem the rewards.

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based game currently available on PC, PS4, Android and iOS.

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Genshin Impact Guide: Marvelous Merchandise Vendor Location, Quest and Rewards


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