With the addition of two new islands with the version 2.1 update, Genshin Impact players have more ground to cover in search of treasures, puzzles, and other secrets. While exploring the Amakuko Peak area on Seirai Island, players will come across glowing tiles on the ground which need to be solved to access the Amakumo Peak labyrinth dungeon.

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In this Genshin Impact guide, we will walk you through the entire Amakumo Peak puzzle, helping you to solve the different sections of it till completion.

Amakumo Peak Puzzle Guide

Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo

Once you arrive at the center of the Amakumo Peak, you will find three tiles-related puzzles. However, you can interact with only the 3 X 3 tile puzzle. This is because the remaining two are not actually puzzles, but clues for solving the 3 X 3 tile puzzle at Amakumo Peak.

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As you can see in the above screenshot, the 3 X 3 tile puzzle has a few glowing tiles. Stand on them and move away till none of the tiles are glowing.

Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo

To solve the puzzle and un-flood the central part of Amakumo Peak, you have to activate four tiles that we have marked in the above screenshot.

Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo

Once the puzzle is solved, start the nearby mechanism.

Now you can access the Amakumo Peak dungeon. Jump down to the nearest platform and kill the Ruin Sentinels.

Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo

Activate the nearby mechanism to un-flood the lower levels of the Amakumo Peak dungeon.

Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo

Jump down and you will find a Seelie and, right next to it, another mechanism, but with markings pointing towards two directions.

Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo

To conquer the dungeon, players have to guide three Seelies to their pillars. However, the different sections of the dungeon are locked behind energy barrier-like doors. Without unlocking them, you cannot guide the Seelie to their pillars.

In order to unlock the different doors/barriers, you have to activate the mechanism in such a way that the arrows on them are directed towards the barrier/door.

When you manage to guide the third Seelie to their respective pillar, you will unlock the mechanism to un-flood the deepest part of the dungeon filled with Precious and other chests.

Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo

Guiding the third Seelie to the pillar will also unlock the “Great Amakumo Peak” achievement.

Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo

Now make your way towards the deepest part of the dungeon to claim your rewards.

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