The dual-type Psychic/Fairy Pokémon Gardevoir is officially joining the ranks of Pokémon Unite tomorrow on July 28! Gardevoir was previously playable during the beta testing stages of the game, and now they are being added to the roster proper.

Gardevoir is a ranged attacker with strong offense but low durability. Its move set revolves around nuking small areas, which makes it great for taking out enemy teams that like to clump together. Gardevoir has a number of powerful offensive moves, and a couple give it some utility to stay alive longer on the battlefield.

Gardevoir’s passive Synchronize is pretty cool, as enemies that inflict Gardevoir with a damage over time or slowing effect will find the same condition on themselves. You’ll have to think twice before trying to debilitate Gardevoir, as you may find yourself on the receiving end of its powerful psychic moves!

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Her basic moves are Confusion, a psychic blast in a targeted direction, and Teleport, a quick warp to get away or reposition. Teleport morphs into Psyshock, a strong area attack that blasts the same area three times, or Future Sight, a delayed psychic explosion that cools down faster if it hits enemies.

Confusion morphs into Psychic, an upgraded version of Confusion that leaves a small area that damages enemies after its initial projectile hits. Confusion can also morph into Moonblast, a glowing orb projectile that launches Gardevoir backwards as it launches the move. Moonblast explodes into a cone of damage, stunning the enemy that was initially hit.

Gardevoir’s unite move is Fairy Singularity, which creates a black hole on a targeted area. Any enemies caught in it will be drawn to the center, where they get damaged and shoved after it explodes. Gardevoir can chain together many of its area moves with Fairy Singularity for some crazy damage output!

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Gardevoir is shaping up to be quite the psychic terror, as it has access to a lot of strong ranged attacks and potentially a stun if you take Moonblast. Give Gardevoir a try when they officially launch tomorrow!

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