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Game of Sultans Viziers: Best Generals in the Game

Game of Sultans Viziers: Best Generals in the Game

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about everything vizier-related in Game of Sultans. We’re going to share a complete guide to viziers in the game, as well as our own list of the Best Viziers to focus on upgrading and taking up to the next level in order to get massive Arena wins and easy victories in the Campaign or Union Expeditions.

There are currently 47 Viziers that you can unlock through various means in Game of Sultans, but not all potential generals have the quality to make an impact where it matters: on your military.

Therefore, this guide will help you understand how this entire mechanic works and how to invest in the best of the best.

How do Viziers Work and how to improve them

Viziers are extremely important in the game, as they represent the main source for increasing your Kingdom’s power. They are also used to defeat enemy generals in campaign mode and their general strength counts when sending expeditions in the Union.

The main attribute you have to look at – since it is the main attribute affecting combat – is Military (the swords).

You need that attribute to be as high as possible in order to increase your Vizier’s strength in all areas of the game. And although all attributes increase your Kingdom’s power, it’s just the Military ones that count in combat.

Therefore, you should only spend your Military-affecting books, as well as the ones that give boosts to random skills to your main warriors. The items that develop their military skills (marked with swords in the Develop tab in each Vizier’s menu) should also be used only on your top fighters.

Basically, you should always strive to increase their military strength as much as possible.

Another great way to boost your Viziers is to level up the consort affecting them. There are many consorts available in the game – some easier to unlock than others – but they all affect your Viziers’ skills.

Focus on those who increase the military skills since the boosts obtained this way will be huge.

Therefore, a Vizier that is not normally a great warrior can be turned into one if you unlock early on a consort that boosts their military.

It is the case of Lufti in my game – since I unlocked Cecilia early on and she gained a lot of experience, she’s giving him a boost of 6,800 in military power. That’s a huge bonus to have!

So always look at the consorts you have and what Viziers they affect and plan developing them in pairs in order to boost them. And remember: the only skills that really matter are the military ones.

My recommendation is to focus early on developing one main Vizier, then move to two.

When the game’s missions require you to have 6 level 60 Viziers, focus on developing 4 – even though this means some lost time and fights in the Arena (where you can’t choose the vizier and sometimes your worse ones will make it there).

Except for the Arena battles where all your Viziers above level 60 will take turns to fight, you will need a maximum of 2 top Viziers: this is the number used in Expeditions, while your best of the best will be used to defeat enemy generals in the Campaigns.

In other words, don’t spread your Military orbs and boosts too thin as you will end up with a bunch of mediocre Viziers that will make progress impossible!

How to get more viziers in Game of Sultans

Getting Viziers in Game of Sultans follows a pretty well-defined line and is not as random as getting the Consorts, for example.

You will unlock most of your generals by completing the in-game missions, reaching certain milestones in the game (like a specific level, power ranking and so on). You can also unlock some of the more special Viziers by making purchases in the game.

In other words, be extremely active and complete the missions and challenges and you will have more Viziers than your opponents do.

Finally, in order to make them even better for PvP battles and increase their attack power, don’t forget to keep sending them to train in the Imperial Academy.

It’s a good idea to buy with diamonds an extra slot and train two of your viziers at a time. Over and over again, until they become PvP beasts!

The best Viziers to focus on

The best Viziers to focus on early are those that start with a high Military ranking and ideally have two Military skills under the Develop tab. This way you can build on the boosts as you get more items by playing the game.

Also important are the Consorts you have unlocked – and since these vary from player to player, you’ll have to check everything out by yourself.

Either way, there is at least one Vizier that everybody gets early on and is a good guy to focus on: Veli. You unlock him early on and he’s a great fighter.

Other great viziers to turn into great warriors that you will unlock early on (and therefore have more time to work on them) are Lufti, Fazil, Hadim and Gedik. If you make at least a purchase and get Hersek, he’s also a great warrior.

In the end, the list above can be influenced by the Consorts you find. So adapt based on the ones you can improve ASAP.

This would be everything you need to know about Viziers in Game of Sultans. Now you can make educated choices based on the ones you have unlocked while playing and you’ll definitely get the most out of the most powerful ones, even if you started developing them in not quite the best way possible.

If you want to read even more about Game of Sultans, we’ve got you covered! We have written a complete strategy guide for the game, as guide on heirs. Enjoy!

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Game of Sultans Viziers: Best Generals in the Game


    • This is exactly what I was asking myself. For example, my strongest vizier seems to be Lufti while 3-4 others have more power in these boss fights

    • I think I got something. So my strongest PvE Viziers are Davut, Veli, Hadim and Fazil. I examined them and I noticed that they have two but one military talents. Maybe developing the talents based on military makes them stronger PvE fighters because in PvP every talent counts the same and PvE not …

      • Maria you are on to something. You can make them more powerful by giving them military badges. Ahmelek for example. You wouldn’t think hes strong because he only has one star in military but you can actually use this to your advantage. Because he only has one star success rate is 100% every single time, no matter what level he gets to. Soon he will be more powerful than the ones that have 5 stars. He also only has one star in prestige.. So the same can apply. Hope you give it a try :)

        • This is what I did for Ahmalek and made him my most powerful military guy. Even with books it only needs 200 so I gain that during level ups and use the books I spend w diamonds on high star military guys. I might spend a few books on the 1 star guys if I only need 50 or so to level them up that day.

        • Ahmelek is not strong. His power caps much earlier when compared to military viziers, he simply grows faster earlier on. It’s like the tortoise and the hare analogy. Your military viziers will be slower to grow, but when you get to the end of the race the non-military viziers won’t have kept up they caped on power a long time ago.

          Also having kept track of badges used on 2* and 3* talents I found that you are getting more from using badges on 2* and 3* talents then you get from 1* talent. Yes you loose some along the way, but you end up with more talent points long term.

          I used 150 badges on 2* talent. 88 were a success. I earned 176 total talent points from 150 badges vs 150 I would have got on 1* skills. A total of 26 more points.

          I used 125 badges on 3* talents. 47 were a success. I earned 141 talent points from 125 badges, a total of 16 extra talent points.

          It is worth investing in your military viziers.

          • Agreed. What about non-military badges and books? Does it matter that I also concentrate non-military badges and books on certain viziers or spread them out on 10-20 viziers? How does it impact my empire strength? How does it impact my gold production?

  1. This doesn’t make sense, I’ve tried to calculate it but doesn’t work out right. My vizier Davut e.g. 5000 * lvl 240 * talent 67 + attributes 736895 = 81136895. His actual strength is 35130416. I must have done something wrong.

  2. That formula is accurate if you do calculate it right. I find it best to focus on the viziers that have 100% for military badges. Talent weighs more than leveling them up when it comes to calculating their power. That’s why it’s easier to level them up than to increase their talent

  3. Also military is not the only power that matters. They also are given a defense power number that’s useful when you use the viziers as garrisons in union war. That’s contingent on their prestige (hearts)

      • Tiffany is right. It says that as you set up your vanguards and garrisons in the Union War.

        I really disagree that it’s just your military that matters. Without good overall stats in prestige and politics, you won’t get as much gold to level up your viziers, or grain to get as many soldiers.

        Military is a huge part of advancing, but the game’s features work together in a better and slightly more complex way than that.

      • Comment:Defence force is calculated by bonus HP you gained from grain/ diamonds donation at war

        for ex : 20M vizier power at defense with bonus 10000%will be 2B power defense

  4. This article is wrong. Your calculations for your visors is wrong and Veli is garbage lol, whomever wrote this article is completely wrong. This is precisely why there are so many people with weak visors but are grand sultan 2.

      • He is right this guide works for the early stages not later in the game. Unless you can confidently say that 11xp is worth more than 52m Gold or 40m soldiers in my case. I only take xp when +100/+500 books are given.The best military viziers are the vip ones the magnificent 5 the outstanding 4 and the ones from ruins and cross server power/intimacy. Getting to 10 seats in academy is also a good early to mid game goal so save up them diamonds and watch out for chests during the hunt. Once you get the 5 focus on one as you build up to get the 4. From what ive learned the order of value in talents is Military>Research>Prestige>Politics just make sure you have enough grain to keep getting soldiers and for the war. 5 and 6 star talents are best suited for badges even if they arent 100% chance. Most importantly Save up your items for corresponding ranking rush or time limited event. Do all of these things at the right time and you will grow fast eventually. It also helps to be in an active union for a myriad of bonusses.

  5. Before you use any of your badges, be sure the Vizier you want to apply it to has a 100% rating in the category of the badge. It is the only way to ensure you don’t waste a valuable badge. I wasted many of mine until I learned this tip. If your key military Viziers dont currently have a 100%, wait until they do before using the badge or decide to give it to another lesser Vizier who you might want to increase their military competence.

    • What do you mean by 100% rating? As far as I know the chance for the badge to work depends on the number of stars the talent has. At least it’s written like this in game… But what’s 100% rating i have no clue…

    • Just a couple days ago, I spent 75 badges on Hersek and gained 111 talents from them. That is 36 more than if I had used all those badges on one star talents. So can you tell me again why it is better to focus on one star talents?

  6. I figured it out the hard way that if I apply a badge to a 5 star talent, it only has a 20% chance of applying. However, when it applies, it gives me 5 talent points. I’ve lost a lot of badges, but I love it when it applies and levels me up.

  7. The calculation is completely correct. If you don’t think so, you’re doing it wrong plain and simple. 5000×VL×MTL+MA … where people mess up the most is on military talent level. If you have a vizier with two types of military talents, you have to add them together before you put it in the equation. For example: Hadim has two, Naval Skills, and Oil Wrestling so your equation for him would look like this 5000×VL×(NSL+OWL)+MA. The second problem is people adding all attributes and not just military attributes. As for Veli being crap, I disagree. He’s what I call a three trick pony. He can take badges 50% of the time (less badge waste), he is cheap for XP books, and his consort adds military skill. Some have had great success with 5 star military guys, but I have not. They are difficult to get a successful badge to stick, and they are expensive in XP books. Unless you’re in a union that gets good rewards or you’re spending money, you don’t have the resources to waste. Focusing on only two viziers, gives you power for offense in the last stage of war but makes your defense awful everywhere unless you’re spending a ton of grain and diamonds for bonuses and your in a union that doesnt mind wasting diamonds. Even then, I’ve seen a union cause over 200 billion in damage and be zeroed bc their vizier defense was atrocious (even though they donated more than anyone in bonuses). Your health is not from prestige. Not sure where that came from. Your health is simply the power of all the vanguards’ power × the bonuses + all of the vanguards’ power. What isn’t factored in is the bonuses from scrolls till each stage begins. I run the numbers and stats in every war for every stage and I have never been wrong. The biggest factors in these equations need to be considered first and you need to realize that your vizier defense power is just as important as having a strong offense. I will always be testing my vizier’s capabilities, so maybe one day I’ll test on 5 star again but for now my defense is stronger than your offense and your bonuses sooooo…. sorry, not sorry if your 600 mil hitter and 50 mil defender was defeated by 200 mil hitter and 200 mil defender.

    • I totally agree with you. But there are areas in which I need advice.
      I completely understand how vizier power is calculated. I also understand the math of applying badges on 2 star, 3 star etc. The more military talent I have on vizier, the more power I got.
      But what about research and gold? How can I maximize my gold production?
      Okay that I concentrate my military badges, books etc on certain viziers. But what about research, prestige and politics badges? Does it matter that I also concentrate them on certain viziers or spread them.

  8. New in the game .please suggest which viziers should i level up higher and keep them as main?
    Hadim ,Merzif,Kane,Veli, Ahmelek,Davut,Isak, Gedik,Fazil?
    Hadim Merzif being the highest level by gold . Please help .

    • I’ve heard that hadim isn’t bad. Davut is a good one. Just focus on 5/6 star military guys. Success rate may be low but when the badge takes, it’s equivalent to the amount of badges you use on a one star vizier. You level faster.

  9. I’m looking for a way to calculate how much grain is needed for an individual player in union war. I know it’s based on their vizers but not sure of the specifics of the calculations. Anyone with insight?


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