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Game of Sultans Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build Your Empire… and Harem

Game of Sultans Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build Your Empire… and Harem
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Are you ready for some Game of Sultans cheats and tips? That’s what we have for you and I won’t lie: when I first saw screenshots from Game of Sultans, I though: “Oh, no, not another empire building game!”

We just have too many of those, bringing nothing new to the table. But fortunately, this is completely different with a truly unique approach to the genre. You can’t help but love this game!

In Game of Sultans, you build your empire and much more: you build a harem as well with various beautiful consorts, you get heirs that you develop, you have to deal with pressing problems in the empire… there’s a lot to do in this game and everything is different from what you’ve played, so you will absolutely love this game!

But we’re not here to praise it – although it does deserve a lot of praise! We’re here to share some Game of Sultans cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide, so let’s not waste a second and let’s check out below some tips and tricks to grow your empire, get a huge harem with all the beautiful consorts, have amazing heirs and trustworthy generals!

Focus on leveling up your Character

The main reason why you want your character to level up as fast as possible is that you will get more Levies in the Imperial Parliament, and therefore you will be able to build your army faster – and your number of soldiers are probably the most important element in the game.

In order to level up your character faster, simply choose the Imperial Levies that give you XP points, complete battles in the campaign and use XP boosts in your inventory (you will automatically earn some of these as you play the game).

And don’t forget to actually level up your character by tapping the portrait icon in the upper left corner, as the leveling up process is not automatic!

Constantly visit the Imperial Parliament

As I was saying, visiting the Imperial Parliament often is key to building a huge army. As you level up, you can store up more and more Levy taps and eventually you will be able to unlock Auto-Levy, but until then you have to do it manually and it’s not pleasant.

However, you should do it as often as possible and collect from the three types of Levies available as often as possible. This is the only way to build your army and empire.

Complete the campaign battles following the missions

The campaign battles get more and more difficult as you progress through the levels and you will lose hordes of soldiers, which are difficult to replenish.

If you’re just starting to play, only fight the campaign battles when the missions require you to do so – and use the time in between to rebuild your forces.

If you’re already playing for a while now, you probably know the drill: fight as much as possible until your army gets decimated, then wait to replenish troops and be able to fight again.

It doesn’t look like having a lot more troops than your enemy gives you any advantage, so go into battles when you have more and you can end up victorious at the end.

For the final battle, things are a lot easier, as you can send your best Vizier to fight for you – and there you will have to choose the most powerful one. More about Viziers below.

Specialize your Viziers

It is a good idea to specialize your Viziers based on their existing skills and talent. The important thing is talent: the higher the numbers here, the higher the growth in their stats when they level up and therefore the greater Kingdom Power that you receive.

The main thing you will want to focus on is the Military Attributes (fighting) as the others don’t seem to have an active effect in the game. There is also the PvP ranking which seems to be related to the Military Attribute.

Therefore, specializing Viziers that are already skilled in the arts of combat to become better at this is important: do so by investing Military Items and random books skill books.

Remember that these books increase their attributes and therefore increase your Kingdom’s power, so don’t hesitate to invest them.

My recommendation is to focus on 4 Viziers – with a main one like Veli with high combat stats.

If you unlock better ones as you play, you can switch focus – but never have more than 4 Viziers that are your main ones because you will simply not afford to level them up and upgrade them into amazing generals.

If you want to read more details about them, we have a guide to Viziers published here.

Send Viziers to the Academy

The game doesn’t tell you about it, but it exists in your Empire and you can send your Viziers there to get better.

I recommend spending some diamonds to unlock the second slot and have your Viziers trained faster. And make sure that you constantly send them there to train – every 3 hours.

Use the items in your Backpack

Your backpack will be filled with all sorts of items that you collect as rewards from playing the game and you should constantly check them out because there will be some very solid goodies out there.

The most important items, especially early on, will be the ones giving you extra soldiers, as well as boosters for your Character’s XP points and various treasure.

Don’t hold onto these for too long – the sooner you use most of them, the better you will be in the game and the faster you will progress.

You can hold onto some of the items that affect the Heirs (as you will need them as you unlock more) and some for the Viziers as you will also get a lot more from playing the game.

How to get more soldiers?

Getting soldiers seems to be the most difficult thing in the game. The easiest way is to keep collecting them from the Imperial Parliament, but the number per collect are very low, so you would have to be in-game as often as possible in order to keep collecting.

You will receive some nice boosts from completing missions, achievements and other feats in the game – and you should use those soldiers as soon as you have the chance, but otherwise there’s really no other way than to wait it out and be constantly there to collect them from the Parliament.

Building your Harem & getting more Consorts

There are a lot of beautiful potential Consorts in the Empire that you can flirt with and eventually marry, increasing your Harem and chances to expand your domination and Kingdom power.

However, getting more consorts is not easy and there’s just one way to do so: Masquerade. You basically tap the button to Masquerade and, every now and then, you will meet one of the potential consorts in the Empire.

This will rarely happen – and on even rarer occasions you will be able to actually invite the girls on a date and propose… but there’s really no other way to do it. Masquerade as often as possible and you will get the ladies eventually!

Your fortune when masquerading also influences your chances of meeting a lady: try to keep it as high as possible by using fortune shards that you get from performing various tasks or missions in the game.

Finally, when it comes to your Consorts, you can visit them in your Harem and interact with them.

Your main way of interaction is by tapping the “Random visit” which is free and recharges over time, doing exactly what it says: it chooses a random lady from your Harem and either increases their XP or results in a baby.

You can also choose specific Consorts you want to meet by tapping their portrait icon and selecting “Visit”. However, that costs diamonds so it’s not the cheapest way of doing things.

You can also reward your consorts with various items to increase their Charnm (which affects how much XP they get after each visit) or Intimacy (the higher the number, the better your heirs).

Some Consorts affect various Vizers, so the higher their XP, the higher their influence over the Kingdom’s power.

We’ve written a detailed guide to consorts here – feel free to check it out if the above info is not enough.

Heirs & Kingdom power

Finally, we have your Heirs in the game, whose main role is that of increasing your Kingdom Power even further.

You find your Heirs in the Harem’s building, where you can interact with them and level them up to adulthood. The rarer the Heir, the more levels they can go up and therefore the better the impact over the power of your empire.

I recommend unlocking the third Heir slot as soon as possible in order to work on three at a time and get a bigger boost from them. You can read more about heirs in Game of Sultans here.

This is all that we have for Game of Sultans right now – but we’re planning to release a few more specific guides for the various in-game mechanics, so don’t hesitate to visit us often if you want even more. Or, of course, if you have your own Game of Sultans tips and tricks to share – you can do so by commenting below.

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Game of Sultans Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build Your Empire… and Harem


  1. I actually do not decimate my army at once and wait to replenish like you say, what I do is I will go in and do a few missions and go back and collect, sometimes doing other things as I wait like visiting my ladies, children or Masquerade. Doing this I am actually overpowered now for where I should be XD

    • the thing in the arena that looks like the chat window has the 3 golden triangles stacked click that it scrolls it back up the screen and then pick an opponent or take revenge on one. I’m still figuring this game out been playing bout a week now but I think that’s how you do it.

    • I’m not sure if you have gotten passed this but a challenge scroll is the white flag that is kept in your bag. If you don’t have one, you can go to the store next to your bag and go to the part that says item store and use diamonds to buy it. Now to use a challenge scroll, you have to be in the arena. At the bottom of your screen there are notices that mentions how many viziers another player has defeated. If you press on that, it shows a whole list of players and how many viziers they have defeated and next to that will be a button that says challenge, you click on the player you want to challenge and that’s how you use a challenge scroll.

    • Yes, unfortunately, the event only opens at specific times during the day – you will have to play during that time in order to be able to take part.

    • In the information section it says you only get 4 free attempts to battle in the arena. After the 4 attempts you can use the PVP seal. Problem is you have a cool down period after each battle.

      After the first battle you have to wait 50 minutes before you can battle again. When I return after 50 minutes it always acts as though my free uses reset. I get on at least 19 times a day to use the Levy’s. I have never used the four free arena battles. I am unsure if it is a bug in need of an update or what… I have been stuck on this quest for nearly a week.
      If I cannot complete it soon I will just end up quitting…

      The one question I do have regarding arena battles is; can you choose your vizer? I do not see anywhere that you can chose one. It seems random.

      • I have a rather similar problem, mine if I click on go, it takes me to a window showing me the hunting ground and stuff… so I went straight and completed the arena battles 4 times, I used the PvP, not even once, twice! And still says I haven’t used any…. help idk what to do

    • You need to save your diamonds to buy 5 heir seats. Once you have 5 auto learning is unlocked. It’s faster than individual clicking on your heirs. One tap and all 5 heirs are fed, providing you have 5 orbs. Tap 1 more time and all 5 heirs will have learned their lessons.

    • Go to your visier tab then click on “Develop”. These are your vizier talents. Select a talent you want to increase, and if you have a badge you can increase that talent. Please note: there are % of likelihood of the badge actually working: 50%, 33%, 25% and 17%. You have a 50/50 chance with the 50% and this decreases.

      You can also increase talents if you have enough book exp. This is always 100%.

  2. Will you have a guide regarding the ranking events in the game? Such as the ‘increase empire power’ event. Right now I’m holding unto everything like gold, books and enhance badges but I don’t know if it is actually worth it because if I’d use all those resources now, I would gain more gold, soldiers etc. from the parliament. Any tips?

    • Unfortunately, I am not in contact with the game’s developers and I don’t know anything about future in-game events. But yes, it is a good strategy to hold onto resources and use them during these events.

  3. Another thing I’m curious about is the most efficient way to level up viziers’ talents. Right now I use the enhance badges on 1 star talents so the level up is guaranteed. I just don’t like the possibility of failing… Regarding leveling 5 and 6 star talents, I solely level those up by using books. Any thoughts about this approach?

    • I just figured this out. If you go to masquerade at the bottom where you tap to go on a masquerade there are numbers and a plus sign on the right. These increase your fortune in a masquerade.

    • I got one from an event (dont remember what event), written you can get gold ring on event and store (at store when there is time limited pack, maybe)

  4. Stuck on 281. Overconfident….is waiting for someone to have revenge on the ONLY way to get past these? It’s just taking so long waiting for that to happen.

    • To use your flags, go to the arena, then click the vizier. A list will pop up, this is a list of the players who have fought you. If they defeat five or more of your viziers, you can put revenge on them. Just click the button that says revenge and it’ll take you to your list of viziers, choose a vizier you want to send to revenge the player. I recommend one of your strongest viziers, if not your strongest. Then a picture of the flag pops up, click that, and it’ll take you to to the player you’re gonna revenge. To raid, you need a challenge edict, you may receive them as a reward for ranking in something, or I think sometimes they’re in the packs (the ones that cost money). After you get one go back to the arena, click the vizier again click “raid” at the top, paste a player id, then press raid. If you’ve already used a vizier to revenge someone or raid someone that day, you can’t use him again, you’ll have to wait until the next day.

  5. Are there rewards for “causing trouble” at a feast? I just hosted my first feast and some jerk came in and caused trouble now the 1000 diamonds I would have recieved will be taken at the end because when he did that it shows -1000. What is the reason behind this? Just to be a jerk or are the rewards worth going on the hosts revenge list?

  6. Hey if you go into your development tab on your viziers, you can see that some of their talents have 1-5 stars. So if you have a badge with a heart and a vizier that has just one star on his heart talents (I think that’s prestige but don’t quote me) The one star talents have a 100% chance with a badge of the same type so it’s easy to level up your viziers talents if you only apply the badges to the one star talents on any of your viziers. To level up the talents with more than one star use the book experience, it is always 100%. So if you want to level up a particular talent on a vizier up his book experience with the dropped book exp you get from questing. I know in other games you level up book exp in the academy, but I’m not certain if that is true in this game.

  7. Did you see names in the bottom saying “so and so beat so and so 20something viziers”? Click on that and you can challange them with that white flag.

    • One way to get them is as a reward for an achievement or a quest. You can buy the Romantic Chest for 99 cents and it has one in it. (Found at top of home screen as a limited time offer.) You can buy one in the store. If I remember, the game gives you one for free at first.

    • You can get clothes for your visors by participating in the events and purchasing them through your union store. If you go into your backpack and select the tab “Combine” you can combine lower level clothes to make the ones needed level up your visors.

  8. Are there any promotions to help with some of in ap puri like to keep playing please help a gift code please chases I love the game I’m vip 5 just cause

  9. Can anyone tell me what “arena diplomacy” is? It is quest 104, and I have no idea how to complete it. It just takes me to the arena when I click it. I’ve tried fighting and it does not make a difference as far as I can tell.

  10. How do I go on a voyage under the union? It keeps saying “members not allowed” I’ve tried everything to participate in a voyage. Do I have to be invited? I’m lost

  11. I have heard there is a link between divination and adding badges and leveling viziers based on what you get. Do you have any information or tips about this?


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