Full Cheats List For Trials In Tainted Space

Full Cheats List For Trials In Tainted Space

Using cheats is one of the best things you can do playing single-player games. Even though some gamers consider it kills the desire to play the game for a long time, cheats are still a nice way to make gameplay more exciting and speed up progression. Read this guide to find the complete Trials in Tainted Space cheats list.

All Cheats in Trials in Tainted Space

Cheats in Trials in Tainted Space are implemented as cheat codes. They are entirely legal and can be used through the special cheat menu. And below, there is a list of all the cheats in Trials in Tainted Space.

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Cheat CodeEffect
​​nastinesscheat code used to start over Nastizia event
wargiiandbessstart Siege of the Korg’ii Hold quest from scratch. Resets relationships with Eitan
partystarts over the Zaibatsu party
Up+Down+Light+Right the only code used as a combination of buttons. It provides you with 5xZil Ration
anotherbrickinthewallreusable cheat that gives you 100,000 credits
treatmentcheat that works only with other treatments cheats. It applies primary Treatment effects
bimbouse female effects during Treatment
bulluse male effects during Treatment
amazonuse amazon effects during Treatment
cumcowuse Cum-Cow effects during Treatment
fauxcowuse Faux-cow effects during Treatment
motherlodefulfill EXP to make you reach the next level
88mphcheat code used to skip in-game time
clowncarallows you to become a captain of the ship
anofferyoucantrefusemoves you to the specific part of Akane’s first quest
healthdeliverysummons Bianca if she is not in a bar
kqvrgoodnessadd 5 virtual reality apps related to Kiro Quest
dollallows you to move to the primary point of Kiro Quest dungeon
urtaallows you to use consumable items without limitations
poisonadd dick-girl as a replacement for shemale
tistheseasonsummons the menu with special holidays
backinbizznessstarts the game over from Bizzy’s first email
mitziused to rescue Mitzi without completing a dungeon
insaneinthemembranerename Bess to Runa
marcopolounlock all in-game planets except for Breedwell and Kashima
beshineforevercheat code used to open Doctor Badger menu

That’s with cheats in Trials in Tainted Space. As you can see, this game can boast a wide range of different cheats. They can skip time in the game, get in-game resources or reset progress. And while you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to enable cheats in The Sims 4.

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Full Cheats List For Trials In Tainted Space


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