Fire Emblem Three Houses

The Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC expansion Cindered Shadows will play differently than the main game, with no calendar and no academy activities. Character selection will be limited, and it seems like even class selection will be.

Today, it has been confirmed that all the available characters in the expansion will come with a limited selection of classes, and it will not be possible to unlock new ones like in the main campaign. This will severely limit customization possibilities. Thankfully, there will be some new classes.

While this is definitely disappointing, it does make a lot of sense, as the Cindered Shadows expansion aims to provide players with a new experience, and not just a continuation of the main campaign, where it’s very easy to become overpowered and decimate the enemy. Battles in Cindered Shadows promise to be more difficult, and players will have to make do with the limited character number and class selection.

The Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows campaign focuses on the Ashen Wolves house. Alongside the new characters from this house, players will also be able to deploy the three house leaders from the main campaign – Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude – as well as Linhardt, Ashe, and Hilda.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows releases this month worldwide.


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