We’ve already shared some Fire Emblem: Heroes tips and tricks with you, as well as an useful guide on how to get more Orbs for free, but now we have something that might be even better. Would you like to know how to get a guaranteed 5 Star Hero or even more 5 star heroes in the game? There’s a little cheat working right now – but you should take advantage of it quickly because Nintendo might fix this in an upcoming update.

But until then, it works and you should do it if you want to get some better Heroes in your team and if you’re not too far into the game already. Otherwise, it might not worth the trouble. But it’s up for you to decide after reading our Fire Emblem: Heroes cheat to get a guaranteed 5 star hero. So let’s get this started!

In the game, the beautiful thing is that the Heroes that you are rewarded from Orb rolls are completely random. This means that each time you start the game, you will get other heroes and yes, this means that you can get a bunch of 5 Star Heroes as well! And fortunately, Nintendo has left a door open to restart the game and reroll for better heroes or until you are satisfied with the bunch you have.

Here is what you need to do in order to make this work and get your guaranteed 5 Star Hero in Fire Emblem: Heroes:

1. Install the game and start playing it, but DON’T link your Nintendo account. You can and should do this later, but don’t do it now.

2. Complete the tutorial and you will get 15 free Orbs as a reward. You will get the daily log in bonus at 2 Orbs. Then, complete the first three missions for 3 extra Orbs.

3. Now you have 20 Orbs after playing the game for 10-15 minutes. Go to the Hero Summon menu and start the summoning process. Use orbs for consecutive summons and summon all 5 heroes on that screen: this will cost you 20 Orbs – exactly the amount you have.

4. Now comes the fun part. If you don’t like the Heroes you have received, you can simply quit the game, uninstall it and install it again, then restart the process. Rinse and repeat until you get Heroes you are satisfied with. In my second draw, I received two 3-star heroes, two 4-star heroes and one 5-star hero. I was satisfied (and I am not sure if you can receive more than one 5 star hero anyway).

So use this, but do it fast because Nintendo might fix this somehow and it might not work in the future. But if you do it now, you are guaranteed to get a really nice set of starting heroes that will help you progress through the game a lot faster – and it will all be a lot more fun!


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