Nintendo has recently launched Fire Emblem Heroes on the App Store and the Play Store and everybody seems to be playing this game only nowadays. One of the most important things in the game, though, are the Orbs. This is the game’s premium currency and, obviously, it is very difficult to get a ton of Orbs without spending money. But we’re here to help you get there by sharing a complete guide on how to get more Free Orbs in Fire Emblem: Heroes. And don’t forget to check out our tips and tricks, as they will help your game as well.

Now these being said, let’s not waste a single second and let’s see what can be done to get more free orbs in Fire Emblem: Heroes, and do it quick!


1. Log in daily
For every day that you log in, you receive free Orbs. You won’t get a ton of them, but it’s extra Orbs for just logging in daily, so make sure you do so even if you are not able to play.

2. Complete the Launch Celebration Maps
Nintendo is celebrating the launch of the game by releasing a bunch of Celebration Maps until March 14th. Each of these maps comes with two difficulty modes, and for completing each map for the first time on each difficulty level, you receive 3 Orbs. Now that’s your chance to earn a lot of free orbs quickly and also level up your Heroes!

In addition, you should always be on the lookout for similar events, special maps and special missions which will surely be launched every now and then, holding great rewards and including free Orbs.

3. Complete the regular story mission
Just like the Celebration Maps, story missions reward you with Orbs for the first time you complete them. So going through all the story missions is a must if you want to pile up some Orbs for free!

4. Link your Nintendo account
And if you don’t have one – create one and link it. You will receive 10 Free Orbs after linking it (tap the fountain, then go to Quests and Missions and grab your reward). You will also be able to earn Nintendo points this way and turn them into valuable items, including currency and other items.

5. Buy Orb Packs
I know, it doesn’t sound free at all, but it is in a way. The more expensive the packs you purchase, the more Orbs you get for your money. For example, the cheapest package costs $1.99 and gives you 3 Orbs. However, if you buy the $12.99 packs, you get 23 Orbs, which means that you get 3 Orbs for free. Not a huge deal, but free Orbs are free Orbs! So if you’re planning to spend money, make sure you invest in the more expensive packages!

These would be the methods we have found so far for getting free Orbs in Fire Emblem: Heroes. Did you manage to find any other methods? Let us know by sharing a comment below!



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