Nintendo are on a roll when it comes to launching new mobile games. Fire Emblem: Heroes has just been launched for mobile platforms a short while after the company launched Pokemon Duel on iOS and Android. I was particularly disappointed with Fire Emblem Heroes and all those enraging waiting times and useless animations, but if you can get past that, the game is pretty fun. And I am here to help you get the most out of it by sharing some Fire Emblem Heroes cheats and tips with you to win all battles, unlock more heroes and have more fun.

Things are pretty straightforward with the game, but we might have something you haven’t figured yourself already. So read on for our Fire Emblem: Heroes tips and tricks below!


1. Know your strengths and weaknesses
The game follows the classic rock-paper-scissors formula, meaning that one type of unit is strong against another type, but week against a third. So always have this in mind when preparing your team for a battle. To this, add the fact that ranged units are more powerful against flying units, while magic units are strong against the heavily armored ones. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you exactly what type of unit you’re facing, but at least you know the color so that helps!

2. Level up your Heroes
It’s pretty difficult to level up your Heroes in the game, as there are multiple limitations to this: for example, Healers will only gain experience through Healing, but there’s a limit on how many times they get XP per battle. The same goes for lower level heroes which can’t be tagged along with high level ones on high level maps for an XP boost, as everything is proportionate to the things they do in battle. So leveling up your Heroes is more of a grinding process, but once you have a couple of maps that are good for leveling them up, things get easier. So work hard and level up your heroes because eventually you will need them!

3. Complete the Quests
There are various quests for you to complete in Fire Emblem Heroes: make sure you do so as the rewards are pretty impressive, especially when it comes to the monthly quests. Play focusing to complete the requirements because those rewards will help you progress through the game a lot faster.

4. Increase Heroes’ Star Ranks
Although insanely expensive, this can be done: you can increase the star rank of your heroes by going to Allies -> Advanced Growth in the game and using the Unlcok Potential feature. Make sure that the hero you want to upgrade is one you’ll be using a lot in battle because the price is insane and you won’t be able to do it too often, most likely! Have in mind, though, that once you increase the star rank, their level will reset to 1 and heroes that you have already merged with another hero will cost more.

5. Upgrade Your Castle
There are a lot of things that you can upgrade in the game, with the first level being relatively cheap for the bonuses it offers. Upgrading your castle is one of the things to do early on in the game in order to boost your XP gains. You will have to pay premium currency, but it’s money well spent for the long run: so always check out the upgrades, even the premium ones, as many only cost 1 Orb and the long term effect is amazing!

6. How to Win more battles
Winning battles is relatively easy in the game, especially if you have the right team for the job. So this is the first thing you do: make sure that you have Heroes that can exploit the weaknesses of your opponents. Use the environment to your advantage, having in mind that ranged units can fire over bridges, for example. Use the tight spots smartly and don’t hesitate to wait and let your opponents take the first move. Try to surround them, try to gain the upper hand by attacking in the right order: for example, use an archer first on an unit, then use a melee unit to finish them off. This way, the opponent won’t cause any damage (if you were to attack with the melee unit first, then finish off with the archer, your melee unit would take damage).

These would be, for now, our Fire Emblem Heroes tips and tricks. If you have other strategies or tips to share with fellow players, let us know by sharing a comment below!



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