Fire Emblem Heroes: Charlotte Guide

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play mobile strategy RPG game. Developed by Nintendo for Android and IOS, it allows you to fight in battles of the legendary Fire Emblem series and see your favorite characters. This guide will explain to you how to get Charlotte and the best builds for her.

How to Obtain Charlotte in FEH

To obtain Charlotte in Fire Emblem Heroes you need to pull her out from summon. She is not a rare character and you can pull Charlotte from any summon.

Charlotte Skills in FEH

Here are all of Charlotte’s skills at 5 stars.

Fair-Fury Axe is Charlotte’s weapon. It accelerates the Cooldown Count of her Special trigger for -1. Deals damage based on 15% of Charlotte’s attack and grants her +6 Atk and Spd if she initiated combat or locates within 2 spaces of any ally.

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Glimmer boosts Charlotte’s damage by 50%. The Cooldown Count is 2.

Swift Sparrow 3 grants Charlotte +6 Atk and +7 Spd if she initiated combat.

Frenzy 3 reduces damage from attacks and AOE specials based on the difference of Spd stat (max 40%) if Charlotte has more Spd than the enemy. Also, if she has 50% HP or lower, it allows Charlotte to do a follow-up attack before the opponent’s counter.

Time’s Pulse 3 reduces the Special cooldown count for -1 if it is at maximum value.

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Best Builds for Charlotte in FEH

The best build for Charlotte in Fire Emblem Heroes starts from IV choice. This character has a great Spd stat, so improving it is highly recommended. On another side her Res stat is low, so it is safe to reduce it. The best IV choice is +Spd/-Res.

One of the best builds for Charlotte consists of the next skills: Fair-Fury Axe, Reposition, Glimmer, Frenzy 3, Time’s Pulse 3, Swift Sparrow 3, Blade Session 3. It increases her potential of decimating her opponents in close combat.

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