Fire Emblem Heroes: Orochi Guide

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play mobile strategy RPG game. Developed by Nintendo for Android and IOS it allows you to play as a Hero and fight in battles of the legendary Fire Emblem series. This guide will explain to you how to obtain Orochi and tell you about the best builds for her.

How to Obtain Orochi in Fire Emblem Heroes

To obtain Orochi in Fire Emblem Heroes you need to pull her out from summon. She is not a rare character, so you can pull Orochi out from any type of summons.

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Orochi Skills in Fire Emblem Heroes

Here are all Orochi’s skills at 5 stars.

Tiger Spirit is a ranged weapon that grants +3 Res. At the start of combat, it grants +6 Atk and Res to Orochi if she has 25% HP or more. Also, it inflicts Panic on the enemy that attacked Orochi and all opponents within 2 spaces.

Draw Back moves Orochi away from an ally that moves to her former position.

Mirror Strike 2 grants +4 Atk and Res when Orochi starts combat.

Atk/Res Link 3 grants +2 Atk and Res to Orochi and ally when one of them used a movement Assist skill, like Reposition or Shove.

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Best Builds for Orochi in Fire Emblem Heroes

The best build for Orochi in Fire Emblem Heroes starts from IV choice. Her Spd stat doesn’t allow Orochi to do follow-up attacks, so you should concentrate on Atk to increase her burst damage. Orochi’s Def is low, so you can sacrifice it. The best IV choice will be +Atk/-Def.

We recommend you use Orochi as a tank for magic damage. You need to get the next skills for her: Sol, Mirror Stance 3, Null C-Disrupt 3, Atk Smoke 3, Quick Riposte 3.

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