There are plenty of precious minerals to dig up in Factory Simulator, the ultimate factory simulation game on Roblox. Ores can be refined and sold for some good cash, or you can combine them with other materials to create extremely valuable goods. You’ll need all the ores you can get your hands on, so we’re here to show where you can find them all in our Factory Simulator ore locations guide!

Tier 1 Ores

Copper Ore

Copper ore is the most basic form of ore, and you can find it easily around cliffs and in the normal caves. If you go away from your base towards the tall mountainside, you’ll see some lying around.

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Tier 2 Ores

Iron Ore

The most commonly used ore, iron ore is pretty easy to find as well. You can find iron ore in the valley in the center of the map, and you can also find some in the normal caves.

Gold Ore

A precious ore that’s not known for its strength but rather attractive glow, gold is a somewhat rare ore. You can find gold ore on the hills leading up to the volcano, and the hill entrance can be found on the west side of the ring.

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Tier 3 Ores

Resinite Ore

Resinite ore is a strange ore that almost seems alive. Fittingly, you can find resinite ore in the living caves, a northern section of the caves that has a faint green glow.

Titanium Ore

Titanium ore is unmistakable thanks to its purple color. Titanium ore can only be found in the desert, which can be found on the southeast side of the ring.

Uranium Ore

Uranium ore contains radioactive material, so the green minerals will glow in the dark. This is very helpful considering the only place to find uranium ore is inside the cave, and it’s very dark in there. Upon entering the cave, hug the right side, and you’ll end up in a little alcove full of uranium ore.

Tier 4 Ores

Bluemetal Ore

Known for its vibrant blue ore, bluemetal ore is the first ore you can get once you get a tier 4 harvester. You’ll need to explore deep within the caves to find it – first, hug the left wall until you reach the area with the diamond and redmetal. Go towards the red lava, then go east and then hug the left wall, and you should end up in the bluemetal area.

Redmetal Ore

The crimson cousin of bluemetal. Just like bluemetal, redmetal ore is found within the caves. As you enter, hug the left wall, and you’ll find yourself in the redmetal area. You’ll know you’re there when you see the big lava pool in the back of the area.

Tungsten Ore

Tungsten ore is found deeper into the caves. Go towards where you would find the redmetal, but instead of going east where the bluemetal is, head west instead and you’ll end up in the marble caves where you can find tungsten.

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Tier 5 Ores

Osmium ore

Head into the desert, which is located near the southeastern edge of the ring. Upon entering the desert, turn left when you see a big sand hill. Go all the way up to the top, and you’ll find the osmium ore.

Shroomite Ore

Located in the deepest reaches of the cave, shroomite ore definitely has the color scheme of a stereotypical mushroom. Enter the cave and hug the right wall, but when you get to the section with the uranium ore, skip over it and go straight. Eventually you’ll reach another path that has a little more uranium ore – follow it to get to the resinite area. Go through the resinite area all the way to the end, and you’ll be able to go left or right. Go left and you’ll find the shroomite area.

Weird Ore

Go back to the split in the road from the resinite area, and this time go right. You should see a giant purple question mark on the wall – that’s how you know you’re in the weird zone. You can find the equally strange weird ore in this area.

And that’s all the ores you can currently find in the game. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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