Factory Simulator is a Roblox game where you collect materials, construct a factory base, and sell refined goods to make lots of cash! The game features lots of materials to find and harvest, and logs are an important resource. There’s a variety of trees to be discovered in the game, and we’ll help you find them all with our Factory Simulator Tree Locations & Rewards guide!


Your normal, everyday tree. These can be found all over the starting area, usually right next to your base. You’ll get a tiny bit of money and a Tree Farm for harvesting 50 trees.

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Hardwood Trees

Hardwood trees are the tier 2 trees, and they can be found around the perimeter of the valley in the center of the map. They’re also found in the valley itself if you drop inside. You’ll get a bit of money and a Hardwood Tree Farm for harvesting 50 of them.

Superwood Trees

Superwood trees are the tier 3 trees, and they can be found on the hill leading up to the volcano. You can find the entrance to the hills on the south side of the starting ring area. They’re colored a gentle red hue. You’ll get a moderate amount of money and a Superwood Tree Farm for chopping down 50 of them.

Ultrawood Trees

Ultrawood trees are the tier 4 trees, and they can be found from at the volcano top. You can get there by going up the hill where you find the Superwood trees – just go all the way to the top. The trees have a neon red glow, so you can’t miss them. You’ll get a big amount of money and an Ultrawood Tree Farm for taking down 50 of them.

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Petrified Trees

Petrified trees are the tier 5 trees, and they can be found inside the marble caves. You can reach the cave entrance from within the valley in the center of the map. As you’re entering the cave, hug the left wall, and you’ll reach the lava caves. Keep going left, and you’ll eventually make it to the marble caves. Petrified Trees are currently the highest tier tree, and you’ll get a huge amount of money and a Petrified Tree Farm for cutting down 150 of them.

Those are all the trees in Factory Simulator as of writing. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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