How to get Cars in Factory Simulator


Factory Simulator is a game in Roblox where you get to build your own self-sufficient factory from the ground up. Collect materials by hand to get yourself started, then construct conveyor belts, machinery, and storage containers to get your factory running. You’ll eventually be able to purchase a car, so we’ll show you how to get cars in Factory Simulator!

Everything there is to know about Cars

There are two cars that you can purchase in Factory Simulator, and they’re in the parking lot next to your plot of land. The first car is the small truck, which costs $10,000. The second car is the large truck, which costs a whopping $855,000!

To purchase either car, simply walk up to the sign in your parking lot and hit the green buy button. You’ll be able to afford the small truck early on, but it’ll be sometime before you can afford the large truck.

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The Small Truck

The small truck is a tiny little jeep that drives at a moderately fast speed. Additionally, the small truck has one container that can hold up to 30 of one type of item. The small truck is a great way to get around quickly early on and harvest stuff by hand.

The Large Truck

True to its name, the large truck is significantly larger than the small truck, and it’s slightly faster. The biggest advantage to the large truck is that it has six containers on the back, which means you can hold up to a grand total of 180 items! The large truck should be purchased as soon as possible to make your gathering expeditions a lot smoother.

Resetting Cars

If you drive your car off a cliff or on top of a bumpy surface, there’s a chance you’ll flip over and get stuck. You can hit the F key to flip over if this happens.

Also, there’s a red circle on the ground in your parking lot. Step on the red dot and the corresponding truck will reset back to your parking lot. This is useful if your truck gets stuck or lost somewhere, and you need to recall it back quickly. Just keep in mind that if you reset a truck, anything that was inside its containers will be lost!

Those are all the cars you can get in Factory Simulator. If you have any other info to share, let us know in the comments below!

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How to get Cars in Factory Simulator


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