Everything we Know About Jarod in Road 96

Everything we Know About Jarod in Road 96

There are a large number of characters in Road 96, interacting with whom will give you various new abilities. In this guide, we will tell you about Jarod.

Who is Jarod in Road 96?

Jarod from Road 96 is one of the NPCs encountered along the way. Jarod can be greeted at a bar where, at the time of our arrival, there is an overwhelming workload – there are not enough staff, and the owner of the establishment is desperately trying to fix the not very pleasant situation. You will be invited to participate and help, which is implemented in the form of a mini-game, during which you are required to serve drinks to customers as they are ordered.

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Eventually Jarod will come in and ask you to make him a drink. If done correctly, the interlocutor will note that the bartender is a child, give you $ 15, and recommend that you never order a taxi.

But the benefits of the character can actually be greater. If you watch one of Jarod’s videotapes, he will ask you about this, and as a result of the dialogue, you will receive the Wits skill.

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Everything we Know About Jarod in Road 96


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