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EVE Echoes: How to Make More ISK in the Game

EVE Echoes: How to Make More ISK in the Game

There are a lot of things to do in EVE Echoes and various paths to follow, but all of them go hand in hand with making more ISK in the game. That is the in-game currency and everybody needs that in order to thrive.

If you are looking to get rich in the game, then there are a few ways to do that – mainly by obtaining a lot of ISK! So since you are here, I am guessing that you want to learn how to make more ISK in EVE Echoes fast. Well, let’s get started then, shall we?

EVE Echoes – What is ISK?

ISK is the game’s main currency. It’s used for everything, from the Market transactions, to the daily rewards that you receive and bounty rewards for completing various encounters. So since everything costs ISK, let me tell you all the ways that you can get more ISK!

EVE Echoes – How to get ISK

There are a few ways that you will constantly make ISK in the game, along with others which require you to complete various missions and encounters – let’s check them out right here below:

Get ISK by logging daily in the game

Every single day that you will log in to the game you will receive a free login reward. This will be sent to your in game mail and you can claim it when you are docked.

It is a super easy way to stack up currency if you are looking to not spend a lot of time in game and just save up until you can afford a Venture or so to mine better.

– Get ISK by selling stuff in the Market

If you’ve been around the game for a little while, you will know that the Market is the place where you can buy pretty much anything!

If you want to boost your ISK income, then you can choose to sell some of the stuff that you collected. You can check out what items you can set up for sale by heading on to the Inventory.

We’ve put together a guide on how to sell in EVE Echoes, so if you don’t know how to do that, make sure that you take a look there first.

– Start Mining and sell the rare ores / loot

Once you have created your first mining laser (go for MK3 Miner Laser) you can equip that to any ship and sent it out to an Asteroid Belt to start mining ores (later on use a dedicated Industrial Ship, preferably Venture).

Try to save the common resources as they will not sell for that much, but if you need the ISK badly, then you can choose to put them up for sale as well (but don’t expect immediate results as many people are farming them at the moment) unless you put them for cheaper than the market value.

But if you still don’t know how to mine, check out the EVE Echoes mining guide that we have created to help you set up your ship!

– Farm Blueprints and sell them in the Market

We’ve created a guide on how to get Blueprints, and if you want to make that a full time thing, then you might have to upgrade your ship quite a bit to be able to farm anomalies well (as they give better loot).

Either way, you can sell the Blueprints that you get usually for quite a bit, and if you happen to get some unique BPs, for even more!

– Do Encounters ISK

The Encounters can be found when you tap on the Menu and the fold down options appear – there, tap on the Encounters tab and you will find there a ton of missions that you can do, as well as the amount of ISK they reward you with.

By heading on to the Menu -> Encounters -> News you will see a list of tasks which you can refresh at any time to receive some new ones.

– Work in Logistics

When you head on to the Menu -> Logistics you will see that this option will let you transport items for players from one station to another, and give you some ISK as reward for doing so. You can check out the offers by heading on to the Accept Delivery Request and there it will show you various missions which you can do.

– Do Anomalies and Bounties

Try to upgrade your ship to a more combat-friendly one and then you can start grinding anomalies which will give you quite a good amount of ISK. Try to find anomalies which are not too difficult if you are just getting started, and as you upgrade your ship scale up to stronger encounters!

If you want to see some of the best ships in the game which you can use to take on anomalies, you can read our best ships in EVE Echoes list!

– Build the BPs yourself

Since you can obtain Blueprints, you can also craft them yourself and choose to sell the completed item for more. This should be done if the materials that an item which you produce will not make the completed item more expensive than by buying individual items.

Have I confused you yet? Well, let me put it simple then:

– If items for manufacturing a BP are cheap, build the item on the BP yourself and sell it for ISK.

– If items for manufacturing a BP are super crazy expensive, you might be better off just selling the BP.

– Usually the completed item costs more than selling the plain BP, so take this into consideration.

– You can choose to farm for the resources needed to manufacture a BP, and if you get them all from mining it’s probably better to manufacture the item yourself then sell it for a lot.

These would be all of our ways on how you can obtain more ISK in the game! Do you know some more and would like to share them with us? Leave them down in the comments section below. Also, make sure that you read all of our tips and tricks to learn more about the game!

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