EVE Echoes: Mining Guide & How to Mine in the Game

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If you have been looking for an EVE Echoes mining guide, then you came to the right place – because we are going to tell you everything you need to know about mining!

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Since this is a pretty big deal in this game, you should make sure that you learn how to do it, because it will help you make more ISK (in game currency) and help you get rich and allow you to buy better mining lasers, ships and whatnot.

So to kick things off, we are going to start with the very beginning, and tell you everything that you need to know, from where you can find the various minerals, to what are some of the best ships that you can use to mine and what you need to equip in order to start mining!

But let’s start quickly with the basics…

What is mining?

Mining is collecting the various resources (minerals, ores, planetary resources) that you need in order to sell them or to used them in manufacturing new ships! In order to mine, you will need the right equipment (mining lasers) and ships which have plenty of storage space to store up all of the materials that you are harvesting.

You can use the resources that you mine to sell them to other players and make ISK (in game currency) or to use them when crafting a new ship that you’ve got the blueprints for.

You can also buy minerals and other materials from the Market, so if you are curious about how you can do that you can read our guide which will help you understand how you can sell in the Market the resources or blueprints, or buy new stuff.

My tip here:

I really suggest that if you want some common resources, you go ahead and mine them, not buy them from the Market. That will let you save the ISK which you would spend on them and you can use it for other stuff.

How to mine?

In order to mine, you will normally need only one main thing, but I suggest two in order to let you make mining much easier: harvest equipment (mining laser) and storage space (capacity).

So basically you don’t need to have an industrial ship to mine, as you can mine with any ship, all that you need is a mining equipment equipped. But the better a ship is and the more storage capacity it has, the longer you will be able to mine and store up more materials.

But if you already know all these, then let me explain all of the steps that you need to follow in order to start mining, and then I’ll tell you more about the mining equipment below:

– Undock if you are docked, because you will need to be outside in space.

– Tap on the Overview button on the right side of the screen.

– Tap on the Signal tab which will appear there.

– Head on to the Asteroid Belt where you can mine (Warp).

– Tap on the Nearby tab to see the asteroids next to you.

– Tap on the asteroid that you want and select the Lock option which will appear in the middle of the screen.

– Use the mining laser to start mining the resources there.

Honestly, it’s that simple! Now depending on the location of the asteroids in the Asteroid Belts, you can discover more common or rare materials, which can be more valuable and hard to find. Let me tell you more about it below.

Where to mine?

For this we have made a complete article explaining where you can find all of the materials and which ores can be obtained where. Check out the Minerals Guide & Locations article which we’ve put together to help you with that into more detail.

Now I would suggest that if you are looking for more common materials, that you try to mine them as they are pretty easy to come by. And if you are looking for more scarce ores, then you could either buy them or spend some time farming there for the right ores.

The best Ship for mining

As we have already explained, here is a list of the best ships in EVE Echoes which can serve various purposes. We’ve listed there all of the best ships to mine, as well as the best overall ships.

Now if that is TLDR; then don’t worry – ideally for mining you will want to try and invest into a Venture Frigate ship which is specially designed to store up a ton of resources and that will allow you to mine for longer without having to go back into the station to unload.

EVE Echoes – Mining Lasers

Another thing which you will need and I mentioned earlier is a mining laser. You should invest your very first ISK into a MK3 Miner Laser which will help you gather resources pretty well. That can, of course, be upgraded as you get richer and stronger, but for start it will be good enough.

You can buy that in the Market, so try doing it ASAP because it’s a worthy investment to make. The laser can be equipped on any ship and that will allow you to mine, so even if you don’t have a dedicated mining ship you can still use it to farm, get resources, sell them, make ISK and then get better ships and equipment.

This would conclude our EVE Echoes mining guide! Don’t forget to check out our game guide to learn more about the game and if you have any questions regarding the game, leave them down in the comments section below!

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EVE Echoes: Mining Guide & How to Mine in the Game

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