Home Guides Egg Inc Spaceship Guide: How to Use the Spaceships in Egg Inc.

Egg Inc Spaceship Guide: How to Use the Spaceships in Egg Inc.

Egg Inc Spaceship Guide: How to Use the Spaceships in Egg Inc.

Who doesn’t like to play a game where there is no losing? We know we do! Egg Inc. is one where there are no enemies and you can only make progress. The objective of this free-to-play farm simulation is to upgrade a chicken farm by hatching eggs, making money and improving the facilities in the farm. If you are looking to play something that is chilled out, this has to be your choice. It has a relaxed format that imparts a tangible sense of progress and you can have a good laugh too. 

The clicker game engages the players in an alternate future where eggs unveil the secrets of the universe. Players can only unlock the spaceships once they have collected 10,000 Soul Eggs and reached the Rocket Fuel Egg. To know more about how to use the spaceships in Egg Inc., read further. 

How to Use the Spaceships in Egg Inc.?

Once the spaceships have been unlocked, you will have to build the launch pad at the Hatchery and Research Building. To do this, you will have to have 100,000 Soul Eggs and a rapid laying rate of 100,000 Rocket Fuel Eggs per minute. Finally, you can send the unlocked spaceship to interstellar missions by funding and fuelling it. Funding requires a specific amount of bocks while fuelling needs a specific number of eggs proportionate to the farm’s laying rate. This also means you’ll have to have improved the farm’s conditions for it to have a viable laying rate.

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Meanwhile one spaceship has been launched, another one can be fuelled. These spaceships are going to go on missions, retrieve and bring back artifacts so it is better to keep three spaceship missions live at once. After launching a certain amount of previous spaceships, new spaceships will be unlocked. Each spaceship will have the following pre-requisites so that they can be successfully launched:

  • Cost to Fund
  • Compatible Fuel
  • Capacity
  • Sensors
  • Maximum Capacity or Average Quality/Time
  • Max Amount of Stars prerequisites

The spaceships that you can unlock in Egg Inc. are: Chicken One, Chicken Nine, Chicken Heavy, BCR, Quintillion Chicken, Cornish-Hen Corvette, Galeggtica, Defihent, Voyegger and Henerprise.

Now that you know all about Spaceships, let us know how your interstellar missions went! 

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Egg Inc Spaceship Guide: How to Use the Spaceships in Egg Inc.


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