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Egg, Inc: How to Play Co-Op | Tips and Cheats

Egg, Inc: How to Play Co-Op | Tips and Cheats
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Egg, Inc is an incremental idle game about hatching chickens, running your own egg farm, and shipping those eggs off to the stores. But what it’s really about is the age old question: what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Philosophical ideas aside, Egg, Inc is the simulation game to play if you’re really into number crunching and trying to figure out how to make everything efficient.

There are even special levels called contracts that test your efficiency skills, as you’ll need to produce enough of a specific egg within a certain time. These contracts may be tackled alone, but you can call upon the aid of other players to help you out in co-op mode.

In today’s guide, we’ll be going over the process of how to unlock and play Egg, Inc’s co-op mode, as it’s not available from the get-go. Let’s get started with our Egg, Inc tips and cheats guide on how to play co-op!

Complete the Missions

Egg, Inc gently eases you into the game by giving you an ever-evolving list of three missions to work towards. These missions will ask you to perform stuff like expand your farm to hold this many chickens, have a shipping capacity of this many eggs, and so forth.

All of the missions have to deal with expanding your farm and growing, so you’ll probably naturally complete most of the missions. There are a few that you might have to go out of your way to complete.

Try to knock as many of them out as you can, as you’ll be rewarded with golden eggs, the premium currency of the game that lets you purchase epic upgrades that persist between selling farms and activating prestige.

As you complete missions, you will eventually come across a mission that rewards you with a funny looking egg, not the usual golden egg. These special eggs are called soul eggs, and they look like stone eggs with a purple gem in the middle.

chicken egg farm

Prestige to Collect Soul Eggs

When you complete a soul egg rewarding mission for the first time, you’ll unlock the ability to prestige. The process of prestige will reset your farm back to its original state—your chickens, common research, habitats, vehicles, eggs, and silos will all be reset.

However, in exchange, you will be rewarded with soul eggs. The more developed your farm was, the more soul eggs you’ll receive. Soul eggs can be spent on powerful, permanent upgrades that can greatly increase your farm’s productivity.

Keep working on your farm and earning soul eggs. Once you acquire 250 soul eggs, you’ll be able to play through Contract missions.

How to Start a Co-Op Contract

When starting a contract, you can choose to play it solo, or create or join a co-op. When examining a contract, the game will show you the time allotted to complete the contract, boost token intervals, the maximum amount of players for co-op mode, and the three goals.

Each goal has a colored word next to it which is supposed to give you a rough idea of how difficult the objective will be. “Freebie” is basically super easy, while “Hard” and “Impossible” are pretty self-explanatory.

The game makes this judgement based on the current state of your farm, so if you see these words you better start upgrading your farm right away!

When your contract is underway, simply play the game as usual: focus on upgrading your farm and keep egg production nice and high.

list of research upgrades for chicken farm

Tips and Tricks for Finishing Contracts

You can use boosts like you can in normal mode, but this requires you to pay up with Boost Tokens, which are given to all players in the co-op periodically. Boosts can help you catch up if you’re falling behind, so make sure to spend them wisely.

Contracts can be started solo, but you can also join a co-op later. Your progress is carried over and the amount of eggs you have laid are added to the co-op’s cumulative total.

Another thing to take note of is that your completion time is set to the co-op’s completion time, which can be taken advantage of. Careful time management can basically extend the amount of time for a contract, so consider this if you’re running out of time!

Say you’ve been working on a contract and you are about to run out of time. You join a co-op that has just recently started, which sets your time to complete to the co-op’s time, plus your eggs are added onto the co-op’s total.

Once you have progressed enough in a contract, you’ll eventually unlock the ability to undergo Elite contracts. Elite contracts have much tougher egg goals and objectives, but the rewards are even better.

Of course, your farm must be ready for high intensity logistics, so be sure you’re ready. Thankfully, though, the game will stop you if you try to join an Elite co-op when you haven’t unlocked it yourself.

If your farm is in tip-top shape, you should eventually move onto Elite contracts. They’re worth the awesome rewards you get for completing them!

That concludes our guide on co-op mode. If you’re looking to team up for co-op, please share your names below! Additionally, if you have any other helpful tips or tricks, let us know in the comments as well.

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Egg, Inc: How to Play Co-Op | Tips and Cheats



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