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Egg Inc.: How to prestige

Egg Inc.: How to prestige

Egg Inc. is a nice and relaxing incremental game where you tend to a chicken farm, selling as many eggs as possible. Like many other idle games, Egg Inc. features a prestige system that allows you to reset your entire farm in exchange for some permanent upgrades that allow you to progress through the game at a quicker rate. In today’s guide, we’ll show you how to prestige in Egg Inc.

Unlocking Prestige

Activating prestige can be accessed through the game’s options menu (the button with the nine dots on it), however you must unlock prestige before you are able to go through with it.

In order to unlock prestige, you must complete a mission that has soul eggs as the reward. Soul eggs are a valuable currency that can only be acquired by completing certain missions and by prestiging. They look like stone eggs with a pink gem in the center.

So, in order to unlock prestige as quickly as possible, keep completing your missions until you see one that has soul eggs as the reward. Prestige is unlocked upon completion of the first soul egg rewarding mission!

When to Prestige

Going through with prestige will reset your farm back to zero – you’ll start with few chickens, low egg rates, and no common research (epic research is permanent), but in return you’ll earn some valuable soul eggs. Soul eggs give you a percentage bonus to your earnings, so having a lot of them can dramatically affect your income.

The amount of soul eggs you earn from prestige is determined by your current progress. Before you commit to the prestige, you can see how many soul eggs you’ll receive. As a general rule, the best time to prestige is when your progress seems to be slowing down to a crawl and you have no more missions related to your current egg type.

Another thing to consider are the prestige upgrades that can be bought with golden eggs, namely Soul Food and Prestige Bonus. Soul Food increases the bonus of each soul egg, while Prestige Bonus grants you 10% more soul eggs every time you prestige. These upgrades can help you acquire more soul eggs faster.

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Egg Inc.: How to prestige


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