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Egg Inc.: Best Upgrades

Egg Inc.: Best Upgrades

Egg Inc. puts players in charge of a quaint little chicken farm, but with enough money they can turn it into a chicken paradise. There are tons of research upgrades to choose from in Egg Inc., but which ones are the best? We’ll help you figure that out in our Egg Inc. guide on the best upgrades!

Common Research

Common Research is separated by tiers, and they start small but slowly work their way up towards greatly affecting your farm’s efficiency. You start out at tier 1, and once you purchase enough research you’ll eventually unlock the next tier.

There really is no rhyme or reason to the common research, so you just try to get them all since all research has compounding effects. Some research are more geared towards idle play while some focus on active play, so get whichever ones apply to you first and then get the rest of them afterwards.

Epic Research

Epic Research are powerful upgrades that can greatly boost a specific area of your farm’s efficiency, and the best part is that they are permanent, meaning they’ll stick around even after you purchase a farm with a new type of egg or prestige.

Epic Research must be bought with golden eggs, which can be acquired by completing missions and shooting down random drones that pass over your farm.

Epic Research can you give you some very powerful upgrades, but they’re a lot more specific than common research. Choose wisely, as golden eggs are relatively hard to come by and you don’t want to purchase an epic research that won’t benefit you too much. Here are some research upgrades that we think are the best.

All-around Best Research

One of the first epic research upgrades you should invest in is the Lab Upgrade research. For each level invested into this upgrade, the price of common research is reduced by a certain percentage. Once you get enough levels of this, bringing your farm back up and running from resets becomes lightning fast.

The Soul Food upgrade increase the earning bonus you get from each soul egg in your possession. The first level of this upgrade increases the bonus by 1%, but remember that’s per egg. You can see how this will quickly make a huge difference once you get some upgrades into it. If you don’t have a lot of soul eggs, get the Prophecy Bonus upgrade instead, which is basically the same thing but for prophecy eggs instead of soul eggs.

Epic Int. Hatcheries increases the rate at which new chickens are hatched inside your hen houses. The epic research will multiply the effects of your common research, so if you have all the corresponding common research fully upgraded you can get lots of new chickens fast. This is incredibly helpful for meeting certain mission requirements and contracts.

Accounting Tricks increase your farm’s value, which means you can unlock newer eggs faster than normal. You also get increased rewards from drones and packages.

Epic Comfy Nests increases the rate which eggs are laid, which translates to more money in the long run. You’ll need to lay a bunch of eggs for a lot of contracts as well.

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Best Research for Idle Players

Internal Hatchery Calm increases the rate at which new chickens are hatched inside your hen houses while you are away from the game. This upgrade only takes affect when you have the game closed, making it perfect for players who only have the game open for a few minutes at a time.

Silo Capacity increases the amount of time each grain silo can operate while you’re away from the game. If you’re not planning on purchasing the Upgrade Permit that lets you have more than 2 silos (it costs real money), then this is a great upgrade to invest in.

Internal Hatchery Sharing is a complex upgrade. Normally, if a hatchery is full the chickens inside will stop producing eggs, but with this upgrade eggs will overflow into another hatchery that still has room. Useful if you’re away from the game too much to check in on your chickens often.

Best Research for Active Players

The Hold to Hatch upgrade allows you to manually churn out chickens by holding down the big red button. More chickens means more eggs, so you’ll get lots more money. While this upgrade is helpful on its own, it truly shines when you get the upgrades that compliment it, such as…

The Epic Clucking and Epic Multiplier upgrades. These upgrades increase the money bonus you get from having active chickens running around on the farm, and it’s easy to maintain a high multiplier with the Hold to Hatch upgrade. Combine this with the boost that makes your hatchery unlimited and you’ve got yourself an endless stream of chickens!

If you don’t have an Unlimited Hatchery boost on hand, you can get some points into the Epic Hatchery upgrade, which greatly increases the rate at which your hatchery refills.

Drone Rewards increases the amount of money and golden eggs you get from the random drones that fly over your farm. If you’re the type of player to sit around and tap on the drones as they come by, investing in this research is a legitimate way to get tons of money quickly.

And that concludes or list of some of the best upgrades in Egg Inc. Have any other suggestions or tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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Egg Inc.: Best Upgrades


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