Durango Tamed Island vs Civilized Island: What to Choose?

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We’re back with yet another article about Durango: Wild Lands, in which we are going to talk about the difference between the Tamed Islands and the Civilized Islands.

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Because some of you might be wondering “why so many types of islands – why is there a need for all of them?”, we put together this article to tell you point by point everything. (If you were looking for Savage Islands, check this article out)

In today’s article we will go over the Tamed Island and the Civilized Island, and tell you which to choose depending on the situation. So, are you ready? Then let’s dive right into our article!

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First things first, though – what are they? Let’s see:

Durango: Wild Lands – What is a Tamed Island?

This is a type of island that you can settle in, which doesn’t disappear after a while, but it also has no dinosaurs. In the Tamed Islands players can build their own base, and invite other people over.

Each player can choose their own Tamed Island layout when starting in the game, but it doesn’t really affect anything – it’s purely decorative.

– You can find here various resources that you can gather, and build as many things as you want without fearing that they will disappear or get attacked.

– When you build on your Tamed Island the items don’t lose durability, so you won’t need the repair kits to fix them.

– Building and keeping your stuff on a Tamed Island is free.

– The resources on your Tamed Island don’t replenish on their own, unless you don’t pick them all up. If you want to have resources constantly on the Tamed Island, you can pick but leave one to regenerate over time.

Durango: Wild Lands – What is a Civilized Island?

A Civilized Island is similar to the Tamed Island, but it has higher level resources and players can settle here together.

There are a few things that are different on a Civilized Island, such as the price – rent and maintenance, and also the fact that if you are not a super active player, someone else could come and claim your place.

– The buildings’ durability decreases over time on the Civilized Islands, so you will need plenty of repair kits to keep them all up and running.

– If you are in an active clan full of members, you can all set up a base on a Civilized Island and play together.

– To settle on a Civilized Island you can open the Domain (top right, in the Menu) and choose the domain you want to set in the Civilized Island. Once you did so, you can start building stuff just like in the Tamed Island.

– It has higher level resources and also some dinosaurs, so it’s a little bit more different than the Tamed Island (which has no dinos).

– Resources will respawn, unlike in the Tamed Island where they are limited (unless you keep one to replenish the lot).

Durango: Wild Lands – Where is it better to settle down: Civilized Island or Tamed Island?

In my opinion, it is better to keep an open mind. If you are a super active player with a big clan, then it might be better to set your base in a Civilized Island, along with your clan mates to be able to share resources and other items (and buildings).

If you are not super active, then I suggest just staying in your own Tamed Island because it’s safer that way. If you are not active and you want to set your base in the Civilized Island, some other players can claim your base (for being inactive for too long).

This is one of the main reasons why (in my opinion) it’s better for the more… casual players to keep their important belongings in the Tamed Islands, while the more dedicated players should definitely move to the Civilized Island.

Overall, I consider the Civilized Island to be way better for these reasons:

– replenishing resources

– you can share tasks with other players (if you are in the same clan, one can gather, another can cook and another can build)

– you can share resources

– the rent fee is not that crazy, so even if you have to pay it, if you constantly do quests and tasks and sell some stuff that you craft, you will be able to afford it – no problem.

– you can expand your territory

– you can all play towards a bigger goal together (assuming you play with other people, maybe a whole clan)

– when you play with the clan you will have access to clan-limited buildings, which can only be built on Civilized Islands

Now if you are not in any clan, you should probably check out our Durango Clan guide, where other people list their clans so people who don’t have one can join. It’s definitely worth going to the Civilized Island then!

The benefits of being in a clan and settling on the Civilized Island far outnumber the ones that you get from the Tamed Island alone. Unless you are a lone player who is not very active, that is.

This would be it for our Durango Civilized Island and Tamed Island guides! Don’t forget to check out our Durango guides collection to learn more about the game and how to better upgrade your character.

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Durango Tamed Island vs Civilized Island: What to Choose?

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