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DragonSky: Dragons Guide & Best Dragons in the Game

DragonSky: Dragons Guide & Best Dragons in the Game

If you want to know everything about the best Dragons in DragonSky, then let me tell you everything that you need to know in order to make them stronger, upgrade their powers and get more and better dragons (and which are these best dragons, of course!)

If you are still new to the game, or even if you are a more experienced player, make sure that you take a look at our game guide to learn all that there is to know about the game to pass more stages and unlock the other worlds! Also, don’t miss our DragonSky guide on how to get more dragons!

But since we want to cover absolutely everything there is to know, we will start with the very beginning:

DragonSky – Guide to Dragons

The dragons are basically your characters that you will play with. They come in different shapes and forms, and they can vary from tier 1 to tier 10 normal dragons, and from Normal and Rare, to Epic and Legendary!

Basically the dragons that you hatch from the eggs are the normal dragons, while the dragons that you receive whenever you combine 2 tier 10 dragons are Elite dragons. These Elite dragons are way stronger and possess unique skills, but unlike the normal dragons, there can only be a single Elite dragon of a kind on your team!

DragonSky – How to upgrade dragons?

In order to upgrade a dragon, you will need to take into consideration what type of upgrade you want to make, because there are a couple of things that you can upgrade: the dragon’s level, the dragon’s quality (star level), and the dragon’s skills! So let’s start with the very beginning:

Upgrade the dragon’s level

Upgrading a dragon’s level will boost their basic DPS (damage per second) and DEF (defense). These stats are very important, because the more DPS a dragon does, the faster the enemy dragons fall, and the higher your dragon’s DEF, the more damage it will need to take in order to fall.

You can see these stats when you tap on a dragon, right underneath the dragon’s picture. You can also find out the dragon’s others stats, such as Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Defense Penetration, Attribute Damage, Armor and Immunity if you tap on the fold menu “View Details”.

Leveling up a dragon will require only Gold, and for each level you will need to add Gold 3 times to unlock the next level. However, for each EXP you add, your dragon’s stats will improve even if their level has not upgraded yet!

I suggest that you level up your main damage dealer Elite dragons first, because they are the most important ones, and if you want, you can spend the Gold to level up the others too, once you made all of your main dragons a decent level.

Evolve the dragons

By evolving the dragons you will add more stars to their rating. For example, if you evolve a Rare 4* dragon to 5*, it will gain increased stats, boost your overall Team Power, but also unlock new features and skills to be upgraded!

Evolving a dragon will require multiple copies of the same dragon, along with Dragon Soul and a ton of Gold. I suggest that if you are looking to focus on a few certain dragons, then by all means try to get them multiple times and upgrade their levels and skills as much as you can, until you can evolve them to 6*.

It is a long and painstaking work, but it is all worth it in the end, because you can make any Elite dragon of your choice powerful that way.

Upgrade the dragons’ skills

I suggest that if you want to see a big improvement in the dragons’ power, that you use the Enhance Stones that you get to empower your dragons, skill after skill!

When you will get a new dragon, it will start off at 4*, and it will have unlocked only two extra skills (the ATK Upgrade and HP Upgrade). As you star up your dragons, they will unlock the following two (DEF PEN Upgrade and DEF Upgrade and 5*) and the last two when you make them 6* and 7*.

The 7* upgrade is applied for the team, so it is super useful, but also the hardest to obtain! Therefore, let us focus on how to upgrade the others for now!

Since each dragon belongs to one Element (Neutral – purple, Water – blue, Fire – red, Wood – green) you will need the Enhance Stones of that element to upgrade the dragons’ skills!

I suggest that you first upgrade your strongest dragons, then you save the remaining Enhance Stones because you will definitely find a better use for them as you upgrade the dragons’ stars, so do not waste them on every dragon!

Enhance Stones are not as common of a resource as Gold! Only use them for the dragons you are currently using, and the rest save them!

DragonSky – What are the best dragons in the game?

Since there are basically four types of dragons, depending on their Element, I will tell you a few words about each one and tell you which ones I consider to be the best dragons belonging to each element in game:

The best Neutral dragons

Brabadon (Legendary): has a ton of basic damage and since he can cause huge and powerful explosions, is definitely one of the best dragons in game.

Unius (Legendary): his attacks are very good, as they have tracking so they will follow the enemy. This is useful in any situation, but the main attack is also extremely good!

Eleve-Bonehorn (Epic): throws bone pieces which pierce the enemies. and they can attack multiple enemies at once. It’s good for both single target (boss fights) and AoE (stages).

Adelan-Neros (Epic): fires stars that track down the enemies. If you place this dragon at the back, you will have a constant source of great damage.

The best Fire dragons

Nestreza (Legendary): fires several rays of destruction which are powerful to take on any type of enemy.

Eleve-Mecanon (Epic): fires guided attacks which are super powerful – some of the greatest damage dealers in game.

Volver-Bladnought (Epic): a very good “tank” dragon which also deals damage. Focus on placing them at the front and upgrading first the HP and Defense.

The best Water dragons

Bivir (Legendary): creates souls which fly towards the enemy and divide into smaller souls, which will keep on chasing the enemy!

Vajrathor (Legendary): it fires lightning and deals damage to all enemies, while chaining between them. It’s great for dealing damage to both single target and multiple enemies.

Adelan-Jupiter (Epic): another good dragon to place at the front. Try to upgrade HP, Defense but also add a few points in DPS because it has pretty good and consistent damage.

Purplux (Epic): it’s a good dragon in many situations, however you need to position it well so that the laser ray it launches will reach the enemies.

The best Wood dragons

Asazel (Legendary): one of my favorite dragons, it is super powerful and can deal with various enemies super quickly. The only drawback is the short range, but if placed correctly, it is a really good front liner who can do tons of damage.

Gaigarus (Legendary): its missiles track down the enemy, so it is a super useful unit to place anywhere, since it will deal tons of damage and take on any type of enemy.

Volver-Rhinosh (Epic): another very good “tank”, they should go in the front line and make sure you upgrade first the HP and Defense. This dragon deals high damage shots, so it is also a fairly good damage dealer!

In my opinion these would be some of the best dragons in the game! I did not list the Rare dragons because they should do the trick until you unlock better ones, so make sure you always try to get better dragons!

Now this would conclude our DragonSky dragons guide and list of best dragons in the game! Which are your favorite dragons so far? Also, how did you form your team? Leave your suggestions and opinion down in the comments section below!

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DragonSky: Dragons Guide & Best Dragons in the Game


  1. Question: why do some regular/rare dragons have a higher power level to start off with than some legendary and epic dragons? Will the legendary and epic dragons level up faster/higher than the rare dragons once u start levelling them up?

  2. I’ve noticed that many of the top players are using Merkyef, Neros and Wolfgoth in their teams. I would have thought they would have dropped these a long time ago. How good are they late game?

    • They have them for their team buffs. Once 7* their team buff activates and you can upgrade them. Since rares are easy to get defensive pen crit rate are very helpful to your better dragons that you are focusing on. Only focus on three main dragons at first and build them up


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