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DragonSky Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Dragons and Level Up Fast

DragonSky Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Dragons and Level Up Fast
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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the DragonSky tips and cheats that we have gathered up to this moment and share them with you so that you can too have a beautiful collection of rare dragons!

In this game you will not have to do too much in terms of gameplay, but you will have quite a few things to do in order to unlock more dragons and level up your player level so that you will unlock more features of the game.

If you are still not sure what I am talking about, let me explain everything much more in depth in order for you to get a clear understanding of what I mean here. Since this game is just super addictive, you might not even pay attention to everything at first glance, but once I explain how you can get more elite and shiny dragons, maybe I can shift your attention!

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the DragonSky tips and tricks so that you can get more powerful dragons and level up quickly!

Crack those eggs

It is super important that from the very first moment in the game you start cracking the eggs. You can have a maximum of 10 eggs stored up at once, then the eggs will stop appearing until you start opening them.

I suggest that you always tap on the eggs and hatch more dragons, because that is the only way that you will get to have super powerful dragons and upgrade them very quickly to tier 9s and 10s.

Now you might not know what I mean, but here are a couple of basic tips:

– You will get a new dragon egg every couple of seconds. You will need to tap on them to open them and hatch a new dragon.

– You can combine two of the same tier dragons into a more powerful one, of a higher tier.

– You should always try to hatch as many eggs as possible as soon as they are available, and also match the dragons (combine them) quickly so that you will unlock those powerful tier 10 dragons ASAP.

Position your dragons right

The dragons will attack automatically, but you should definitely position them in good spots, because they can also take damage from enemy dragons! Your dragons have HP bars too, but they are not visible while they are still at 100% HP. You will only see them after they start taking damage.

I suggest that you always place your best dragons (the ones that you have assigned to your team) in the back line, behind some lower tier dragons that you do not really care about.

This will make the lower dragons take damage instead of your better ones, so that is what you should be looking to achieve. This is especially useful in the later, more powerful stages, because it will make things much easier. Basically the longer your best dragons survive, the more stages you will be able to pass!

Assemble a powerful dragon team

When you will get a few good dragons, open the menu and tap on the “Dragon’ tab. There you will see on top your current team. You will have two slots at start, until you unlock more.

In those two slots you should make sure you equip your best dragons. You can change them at any given time, so if you obtain better ones, you can go ahead and change them! Just always make sure that you have the best dragons assigned to your team.

You can see your team’s current power right underneath it, so it’s always good to have the highest power possible at all times. You can change the team by tapping on the “Change Team” orange button and then tapping on the dragon you want out (from your currently assigned team) then tap on the unassigned dragon to add them to your formation.

Upgrade your dragons

There are a ton of things you can upgrade when it comes to the dragons, so I will tell you everything you need to know about each and every one of them, so you will know what you are headed into:

Level up the dragons: by leveling them up you will increase their DPS and DEF, and thus increase their overall Power.

– Upgrade the dragons’ skills: when you level up their skills you will also increase their power. No matter if you upgrade the ATK or HP, it’s good to always upgrade everything.

Evolve the dragons: evolving the dragons is good because that way you will unlock more skills for them (passive skills) and boost their active skills.

Always make sure you upgrade the dragons’ levels first, because that is the easiest one to do at start (only requires Gold). Then you can move on to upgrading their skills, which will require certain resources that you receive from restarting the stages (Return).

Watch an ad to activate the eggcelerator!

This is something that you can benefit from greatly if you are looking to get more eggs as quickly as possible. The accelerate option will speed up the time required to get new eggs, and you can see this option on your screen after a while (a blue egg with a fast forward icon on top of it).

The 2x accelerator is free, as it only requires you to watch a short advertisement in order to activate it. The other options are not so free, as they need you to pay either 100 Gems for a x3 accelerator or an “egg production speed accelerator ticket”, (which you probably do not have) for a x5 accelerator.

Therefore I really urge you to watch an ad and get the 2x accelerator, because you will not regret doing it. The game doesn’t really have ads or anything like that, so this is one of the only things where it will require you to do so.

Always open the box!

In the bottom right corner of the screen you will have a box appearing every now and then. I suggest that you always open it whenever you see it there, because it is super useful as it contains Coins or Gems usually, or other useful rewards.

Keep your eyes here and open it whenever you see it available! It will be worth it!

Activate the Rush bonus!

In the game you will have an option which will let you quickly rush through 10 stages (at start, until you upgrade it) which is super useful if you want a fast clear after you have just returned.

This option is available every 1:30h, so this should be the rough time that you will return at start. I suggest that you activate this when you are at about stage 150-180, so it will take you quickly close to stage 200.

Keep an eye on this option, because it is a very good thing to use, to boost you through the stages fast.

Check out the Achievements

The in game Achievements can be found in the menu -> Achievements tab, where you will see a huge list of tasks that you can perform in order to collect more Gems as rewards. These Achievements will be completed mostly naturally, but it is good to take a look at them so you will know what they expect you to do.

Increase your player level

If you want to upgrade your player level, you need to know that you can only do this by actually advancing into the game. You will not gain any player EXP by completing the early stages over and over again, so it’s pointless trying to do that because it will lead you nowhere.

If you want to level up your player level, you should then start looking to always pass more stages continuously. Even if you Reset and start over, then you should be looking to pass at least 20-50 more stages so you can slowly progress and level up.

You gain player EXP by advancing through new levels, about 3-5~ new stages for a player level (or something like that, correct me if I am mistaken).

Since you only gain EXP from these, even if you reset at 300 and started again from 1, you will not get any EXP even when you are back at 290-300, only after you are passing new levels.

Log in every day to claim useful rewards

You should log in every single day to the game, so that you can claim various rewards. The attendance rewards will appear on your screen every new day that you open the game, but if you missed claiming them here then you can open the menu -> Attendance Reward tab (looks like a calendar icon).

You should definitely do this every day, even if you don’t really plan on playing every single day, because it is worth it since on day 7 you will receive a Shiny Tier 10 Dragon. Not only that, but up until then all of the rewards are very useful, so make sure you do this even if you don’t plan on playing the game that particular day.

How to get more Dragons?

If you were curious about all the ways that you can obtain more Dragons other than by hatching eggs, then let me tell you a little about this (or read our dedicated guide on how to get more dragons in DragonSky):

– The most basic way of obtaining dragons is by hatching eggs, and then fusing two of the same dragon type into a higher tier dragon.

– When you fused enough dragons to form a tier 10 dragon, you are pretty much set. Always try to fuse enough dragons to have 2 tier 10 dragons ASAP, because that’s where the fun begins.

– When you fuse two tier 10 dragons, you will receive a Rare or higher Elite dragon, which is way – WAY better than any dragon you can get from the eggs.

– The chances of you obtaining Epic and Legendary dragons are also up there, so there is a chance to get those too by fusing two tier 10 dragons!

– The chances of getting Epic and Legendary dragons are way higher when you fuse two Shiny Tier 10 Dragons, rather than normal Tier 10 Dragons. Either way, it’s good to do it so make sure you do it!

– Check out your in game Mailbox at the beginning of the game, you might have some cool rewards waiting for you.

– You can obtain more dragons by Searching. I’ll cover this below.

All about dragon Search function

When you open the menu, you will see a “Search” option which will let you basically “search” for tamable dragons. You can run into rare, epic and legendary dragons here, but the chances are fairly slim. Either way, you can also discover tier 10 dragons, which are way more likely to appear than rare or higher rarity ones.

In order to perform a dragon Search, you will need a Dragon Search Ticket, which you can obtain as reward for completing various tasks, from leveling up, or by waiting for the timer because they refill roughly every 3 hours.

When you tap on the orange “Search Again” option you will summon two new dragons in the interface, and there you will see a button which will let you try to tame the dragons for free, where you have two tries.

There is also the option to instantly capture the dragon by using Gems, but use that ONLY after you used the free tame options.

Whenever you perform a free tame, you can either succeed or fail. After many tries, I have figured out that you can tell approximately if a taming will be successful, if the dragon has kind of a glow behind it in the background.

Whenever you see this, it means that you have a higher chance of taming it from what I have experienced, but by all means do not think that this is a 100% chance. It can still fail, so if that happens you can resort to using Gems (if the dragon is worth it).

Do not waste your Gems to capture low tier Dragons – use them only if there are good dragons (not the common ones from the eggs), or tier 10 dragons. Otherwise, do not bother getting them with Gems if your free taming fails.

Do your daily missions

In game you will have a couple of daily missions, which you can find when you open the Menu -> Daily Mission (icon with a badge, on the left of the Achievements). There, you will receive 4 new missions every single day, so make sure you complete them every single day!

They will reward you with a lot of Gems, so it is definitely worth doing them, because 360 Gems is not something to ignore that easy in my opinion.

Research useful stuff in the Lab

In the Lab you will be able to use your Obsidian to research various stuff and get more powerful.

I definitely suggest that you start by researching these two options, which will come in handy quite a lot in the long run: “Increase the number of dragons on screen (Elite)” and “Hatch Tier 2 Dragon from Egg”.

These two should be upgraded ASAP because the increase in number of elite dragons is very good, since it basically allows you to have more permanent powerful dragons and make a stronger team, and the chance of hatching a tier 2 dragon is also very good because it saves eggs and time with upgrading!

You can also research these things with Gems, so I definitely suggest that if you have Gems you at least start by increasing the number of dragons, since it doesn’t cost a fortune and it is overall very good. (with this you will have a total of 4 elite dragons all the time on your team)

Change your Goddess

Your Goddess is basically your character – or rather, the dragon master (should I say?). She can be changed in the Goddess tab from the menu, and there you will see three normal skins, and 5 special skins.

I suggest that you buy one of the Special Skins, because you will have 36 Ancient Gems as you start the game, so it is definitely worth investing into one special skin, since they all have bonus stats.

Take a look at the stats they have, and when you found a skin which gives you the stats you like the most, buy it! You can then proceed to upgrade it to increase these stats, but that will require a lot of investment – start by simply getting a new skin!

Do your Daily Boss challenges

In the menu -> Daily Boss option you will see various challenges which change every day, depending what day of the week it is.

You will get various rewards the more you advance, so I definitely suggest that you do them both for the daily missions and for the boss rewards, because they are worth it.

I also suggest that you do the Legendary Boss whenever you can, because it is going to give even better rewards, but the task is a little bit tougher. Therefore, do all of these encounters whenever you have a new ticket available, so you will fully benefit from them!

Collect your offline rewards

When you cannot advance any further and you are also lacking the Gold to upgrade your crew, then it’s about time to let the game run its course and go offline.

You can stay a maximum of 8 hours (unless you made some upgrades to this from the Lab) offline and still get rewards, so therefore I suggest that every 8 hours you open the game, claim the rewards and let it go back to fighting in offline mode.

That way you will save a lot of Gold and your dragons will keep advancing at their own pace. It is a good and easy task to do, so I suggest that you go for it!

When you can’t advance, keep your dragons on the move

When you are having a hard time advancing, then you should abandon the AFK play style and rather start moving your dragons by hand. You can do one of the following:

– move all of your dragons one by one slowly (not super effective)

– move your highest damage dealer all around the screen to avoid incoming enemy projectiles

I suggest that you move your highest damage dealer, because that one will be able to solo carry you in most cases. It’s good to also be able to move one more dragon, also another big damage dealer, but it might be a little tough, so try focusing on one for now.

Just keep moving it around the screen and dodge incoming enemy projectiles. They usually have a set pattern, so you can even try leading them away from your other team mates and onto you, by moving your dragon up and away from the rest of the team.

These would be all of our DragonSky tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more cool and useful game tips that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

Or just head over and read about the best dragons in DragonSky right now!

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