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DragonSky: How to Get More Dragons?

DragonSky: How to Get More Dragons?
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Have you wondered about all of the ways that you can get more dragons in DragonSky? How about all the ways that you can get more Tier 10 dragons which will eventually turn into powerful elite dragons?

Well, in today’s article we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about them and how to obtain them, so you will have an easy time increasing your dragon collection and thus making it less difficult to advance in your levels!

How to get more dragons from Eggs in DragonSky?

The easiest way to get more dragons, and the most obvious ones is by hatching the eggs. You will start hatching eggs since the very beginning of the game, and you can find them in the bottom right corner of the screen.

There you can hold a maximum number of 10 Eggs, so you can hatch up to 10 at once (if you have enough slots on your screen). Simply tap on an egg to hatch a Tier 1 dragon, and keep doing this until you hatched all eggs.

Once you got a Tier 1 dragon, you can get another Tier 1 dragon and together merge them into creating a Tier 2 one. Keep doing this, because they will add up and one after another you will merge them into a Tier 10 dragon.

To increase hatching from Eggs:

Head on to the Lab and there you can select to upgrade these options: “Reduce hatching time” and “Increase max egg capacity” to make eggs appear sooner, and also to have more eggs at once.

You can also go for the “Hatch Tier 2 dragon from egg” which I strongly suggest, if you want a chance to hatch higher tier dragons, thus making the whole upgrade process faster.

You can upgrade these by either using Obsidian, or Gems.

How to get more dragons from Search in DragonSky?

The Search function is a pretty basic, yet super useful option because it will give you a chance to obtain higher tier dragons, and even for free! This option works by giving you free Dragon Search Tickets every couple of hours, and you can then use these to search for random dragons.

There will mostly pop up normal dragons, while there is a small chance that you can encounter Elite dragons too (but don’t get your hopes up too crazy). One Dragon Search Ticket will replenish in about 3 hours, so you will get a few every single day

To find more dragons all you have to do is make sure you do your searches whenever you have 3/3 tickets, so that you will reset the timer for a new one! That way they will never get to go to waste!

To get more Dragon Search Tickets:

– Simply level up continuously and you will get them as rewards

– Wait until they replenish over time

How to get more dragons with tickets:

– Remember that you will have 2 free tame options for your dragons every single time you summon new ones, so make sure you use these first.

– You will sometimes see a glowing background behind the dragon when you are taming it. When that happens, your chances of taming it are slightly higher!

– If you see Elite dragons here, try taming them first and if that fails, then capture them with Gems!

– Always get the Tier 8 (sometimes), Tier 9 and especially Tier 10 dragons if you happen to get any of them during your searches.

How to get more dragons from Shop in DragonSky?

There is also the safest way to get good dragons quickly, and as soon as you are starting off in the game you can use the free Gems that you receive to quickly gain more dragons. Basically you know that when you are starting off in the game, you will receive a ton of rewards.

Follow what we mentioned in our game guide, and make sure that you head on to the Shop menu (bottom side of the screen) and then open the General tab. There you will see a few special offers which should look pretty appealing to you!

If you don’t know by now, whenever you merge two Tier 10 dragons, you will receive a higher tier dragon which is random (can be Rare, Epic, Legendary).

Well, since you see there on the top of the Shop the “Bundle Package” option, you should make sure that you either save your Gems to buy either the 4150 Gems package with 10 Tier 10 dragons and a Shiny Tier 10 dragon, or the 1900 Gem bundle with 8 tier 10 dragons!

Make sure you get one of these two, because it will make a world of difference! As soon as you get them, start fusing the normal Tier 10 dragons! As far as the Shiny Tier 10 dragon is concerned, I suggest not fusing it with a normal tier 10 dragon, but rather wait for another shiny tier 10 dragon so that you will get something better!

How to get more Gems:

Since for this you will need Gems, there are quite a few ways to get them. At the very beginning just make sure you claim all of the game’s beginner rewards, which can be found in your mail, because they will give you quite a lot of Gems.

Here are other ways to get more Gems:

– Check out the Notice and Event pages in game – they will often reward you with 10 Gems each!

– Log in every day to the game! Simply log in to just claim the rewards, even if you don’t plan on playing the game that particular day!

– Complete your Daily Missions!

– Complete various in game Achievements!

– Take a look at the rewards for the Recapture Mission! You will receive a few from here too!

– Tap on the chests that appear on your screen. They will contain various rewards (including Gems), and you can open one every few stages!

– Level up your player level! Every few levels you will receive Gems for reaching certain level milestones in the game!

I suggest that even after you purchased the packages from the Store with your beginner Gems, you should still save them up to get more, because you see – it is the best way to get more Elite dragons!

Get more dragons the Premium way

You can also opt for the premium way to get more dragons, which is by using your real money. I do not suggest this, as there are quite a lot of free options to do this in game, so I really don’t see the need for it.

However, there are quite a few packs that you can go for if you want to really charge some bucks into the game. If you want to do this, then make sure you check out the Event limited time offers firstly, then the One-Time Limited Product offers because they are the most worth it for their money value!

These would be all of our picks of How to get more dragons in DragonSky! Which option is your favorite? I definitely can’t say that hatching the eggs has got me hooked, but instead I am really grinding for these Gems to constantly buy new dragon packs!

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DragonSky: How to Get More Dragons?


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