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Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Class Guide: Skills, Talents and More

Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Class Guide: Skills, Talents and More

In today’s article we are going to go into an Dragon Raja in-depth Soul Dancer class guide and help you better understand this beautiful class, along with its individual skills, talents and pretty much everything that you want to know.

Because the Soul Dancer is quite a multifunctional class, in the sense that it can be a support, as well as a damage dealer, it sparked my interest quite a bit as I always choose to go for the “Mages” whenever I have to choose a class in any game that I play.

As I rarely go for the healers (because I like to be the damage dealer), I decided that this would be one of those times when I choose it because the Soul Dancer seemed super cool from the character selection interface!

To kick off the guide, here’s a Dragon Raja Soul Dancer class overview to give you an idea about what this class can do and what it specializes in!

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The Soul Dancer has an interesting feature, in the sense that it always has a “shadow” following them. This could be called their “reflection from another dimension that never leaves their side”. It only appears when battling and using skills, so it’s not always there when you go talk to NPCs for the quests.

The skills kit of the Soul Dancer is very strong in my opinion, as they have healing skills to support allies in battle, they have crowd control skills (such as transforming the enemies, deeming them unable to attack), the ability to control time, damage dealing skills and armor reducing ones.

For the absolute beginners, it might seem a little complicated, but I would argue that it is not. All you need to do is decide whether you want to lean more on the damage side or on the support side, as the skills are really not difficult to land or to proc.

So if you want to try it out even as an absolute beginner, it shouldn’t be such a big issue – the issue might arise if you want to try and be a good support, as that requires a deep understanding of the skills and when to cast them, as well as the enemy’s skills and debuffs. But this can all be learned in time, so don’t worry about it!

Soul Dancer class: Skills and Talents

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Because all of the classes in Dragon Raja have 2 skill sets, so does the Soul Dancer! They have two sets, both relying on different skills.

Soul Dancer First Skill Set

**Soul Dancer’s Pact** – Forms a pact with an ally, and when the Pact is active, Time Expansion will cause the partner to gain Time Twist if they are nearby. (Time Twist effect: Increased Size, Increased Speed, Increased Cooldown Reduction, Reduced Damage Received).

Iceglare Shock – Deals magic damage to the target and 5 more nearby enemies. Heals a small amount of HP, and Frost Strike slows the enemies down for a short amount of time.

Phase Shock – Shockwave deals a big amount of magic attack to up to 5 enemies and causes the damaged allies to take additional damage for several seconds. Gemini (the shadow) will stay at the target location for some time. Drag the skill and release it in the direction you want to cast it.

Azure Mark – Creates an area around the target which does damage over time to up to enemies for some time, every second. Drag the skill and release it in the direction you want to cast it.

Time Expansion – Boosts the Move Speed, Crit Res and Cooldown Reduction for some time. When Time Expansion is used, if there is a Pact with an ally in range, the ally will also receive Time Twist.

Soul Dancer Second Skill Set

Witch’s Kiss – Transforms the target into a duckling, preventing them from attacking and reducing their Physical Defense and Magic Defense for a few seconds. Multiple transformations within a short period of time will greatly reduce the transformation duration. Gemini will copy the skill when used under Shadowy Light.

Time Lock – Stops the time in a small range, causing the enemies within range to have their time stopped for a few seconds. Multiple time stops within a short period of time will greatly reduce the stop time effect duration. Gemini will copy the skill when used under Shadowy Light.

Recall Light – Turn back time to heal injury on self and ally, restoring Vitality and improving form. Allies within a close range gain increased Crit, AP and Multistrike at random. Players within the AoE range recover some HP ever second. Gemini will copy the skill when used under Shadowy Light.

Shadowy Light – Gemini will copy all the actions of the caster and the next skill the caster uses, including Witch’s Kiss, Time Lock and Recall Light. Passively increases Gemini’s NATK and Iceglare Shock damage.

Which of the two skill sets is better?

It all depends on how you prefer to play more. They are both good, but while the first one relies more on support and healing, the second one relies more on crowd-control-focused-support and damage, as Gemini will copy these skills.

Depending on how you improve your Personality, you can build more towards increasing the healing effect, or more towards dealing more damage. I personally prefer the healing, as there is plenty of damage that your Soul Dancer can deal, but with healing it will have a much more important effect during massive PvP battles and instances.

Should you play Soul Dancer in Dragon Raja?

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If you are a person who always plays healer in every single game, or if you are looking for a more unique play style in terms of damage dealing (as you have to pay a lot of attention to how often you use the crowd control skills so you won’t nerf them), then Soul Dancer is extremely fun and definitely a wise choice.

They are not ideal in close range, but because their kit does not include massive range, their close-range combat is “okay” I would say. Now if you are looking for a good close-range combatant, then try out Blade Master (you can check out our Blade Master guide here).

As a conclusion, I would say that Soul Dancer is a unique class with a fun and relatively easy play style that can really be entertaining once you learn how and when to use its skills to have the best effect.

If you want to learn more about the game, make sure you take a look at our Dragon Raja game guide where we share with you some important tips and tricks about the game to help you out at any given time.

Do you know some more important facts about the Soul Dancer that you want to share with us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!

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Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Class Guide: Skills, Talents and More


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