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Dragon Raja Blade Master Class Guide: Skills, Talents and More

Dragon Raja Blade Master Class Guide: Skills, Talents and More

In MMOs and ARPGs I always choose melee characters because I like to get up close and personal with my enemies. Therefore, choosing the Blademaster in Dragon Raja was a no brainer for me. And I’m here today to share a complete guide to the Blade Master Class in Dragon Raja.

I’ll tell you some of my opinions regarding this class – and most importantly if it’s worth playing or not – as well as a complete list of Blademaster skills and talents and everything you need to know about it.

So let’s start this guide with an overview of the Dragon Raja Blade Master Class

Dragon Raja Blademaster overview

This is the ultimate melee class in the game, in my opinion. Wielding two blades and being experts in putting them to good use, the blademasters get straight into the heart of the battle to take out enemies. The game describes them as Warrior / Tanks.

They are strong and fast, with really good skills and reflexes. So even though you are always in the heat of the battle, surrounded by enemies, you can easily jump around and leap and dodge and avoid incoming attacks.

Many say that the Blade Master in Dragon Raja is a class that’s not too beginner friendly, but I personally think that it’s both fun and easy to play. Plus, it’s extremely rewarding because nothing compares to being right there, in the heat of the battle at all times.

Blademaster class: Skills and Talents

Dragon Raja Blademaster Skills

All classes in Dragon Raja have two skill sets that you can focus on. The Blade Master has the Meitou and Odachi sets that we’re going to detail below:

Blade Master Meitou Skill Set

Sakura Slay – Deals damage to up to 6 enemies, and the main target explodes dealing damage to 3 nearby enemies if Cherry Blossom is active triggering Ephemeral Beauty

Ephemeral Beauty (Sakura Slay talent): Slash over a large area, damaging up to 5 enemies.

Blossom Dance: A small area attack that deals low damage to up to 5 enemies and inflicts Cherry Blossom.

Moongazer: Deals nice area damage on a small area to 5 enemies. Can trigger Wane.

Wane (Moongazer talent): Deals large damage to up to 5 enemies in front. Dodge% increases when using Wane.

Void: Increase base stats (Dodge, Move speed, Defense and gain Super Armor). For 20 seconds, your character counterattacks any enemy within area of effect when a dodge is triggered.

Red Lotus: Deals massive damage to up to 5 enemies in a straight line, then switches to the Odachi Skill set.

Blade Master Odachi Skill Set

Roundhouse Kill: A 2-stage whirling cleave that knocks back up to 5 enemies, dealing massive damage and delay. Current Odachi element will inflict extra Burn, with a chance to Freeze or Shock.

Azure Moon: Deals medium damage to up to 5 enemies in front, knocking them back. Can trigger Diagonal Slash.

Diagonal Slash (Azure Moon talent): Charge at target, dealing medium damage to it and up to 5 extra targets.

? (name hidden due to bug): Block attacks, increasing damage resistance. Immune to most control effects when activating. Can trigger Second Maneuver: Moon Shatterer (charge and aerial targeting up to 5 enemies).

Demon Rage: Go Berserk, increasing attack and damage dealt, but also increase damage taken. If character dies during Demon Rage, get temporary resurrect for 10 seconds.

Night: Aftershock: Throw Odachi and switch to Meitou Skills. Odachi deals low damage to up to 5 enemies, inflicting Aerial.

Which of the two skill sets is best?

While you will switch from one to another during battle, I personally play the first one (Meitou) more often simply because it’s the easiest to use, inflicting damage directly.

The second skill set is more focused on effects which are good, but I personally prefer the instant effects of the Meitou skills.

Should you play Blademaster in Dragon Raja?

Dragon Raja guide

You already know my opinion since the beginning: the Blade Master is a fun melee character to play, with solid skills.

If dealing damage, being active and having increased health are your preferred things in other games, you will have a lot of fun playing the Blade Master.

If you usually play mages or ranged units, you will definitely have a harder time adjusting to the new play style.

But all in all, the Blademaster is a really solid class in the game, one that can make a real difference thanks to its damage-focused skills and talents. So yes, for most players – both beginners and experienced ones, the Blade Master is a good option in the game.

We’ll have a complete guide to all the other classes in the game soon, as well as additional guides to help you play the game better, like our recently published Dragon Raja tips and tricks.

If you have additional comments or strategies to share about playing the Blademaster in Dragon Raja, let us all know by commenting below.

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