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Dragon Raja Classes Guide: Best Class in the Game Based on Your Play Style

Dragon Raja Classes Guide: Best Class in the Game Based on Your Play Style
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If you are still struggling to discover the best class in Dragon Raja, then you came to the right place! Today we are going to get into each class in the game and explain a little bit about each one of them, so that you can decide which is the best for you, based on your play style.

Because there are a ton of things that will make your character individually yours (based on the answers you give in the main story line), these personality traits will shape your character in unique ways – so it can boost your healing, it can boost your attack, or many other useful small boosts.

Putting all of these aside, there is something far more important: finding a class that fits your play style like a glove so that you can better enjoy this game and dive into its deep and fantastic universe! And that is where we come into play!

So thus being said, let’s dive right into the Dragon Raja Classes guide to help you pick the best class based on your play style!

Dragon Raja – Blade Master class

The Blade Master is a melee class which has plenty of damage and some surviving skills which help you tank incoming damage in tough situations. They are a fighter who focuses on hands-on battles and will always be the first line of damage/defense in any battle.

Overall Damage: 4.5/5

AoE/Explosion Damage: 3/5

Survivability: 5/5

Crowd Control: 4/5

Assist/Support: 2/5

Range: 1/5

Difficulty to play: 4/5

The Blade Master is an ideal class for those who are looking to play a class which resembles the “warrior”, that juggles both attack and defense together and tries to assist the team in massive battles by mitigating some of the damage and/or dodging it.

Blade Master is not super easy to play, as you need to combo your skills well and time well your defensive skill so that you can avoid dying. Once you’ve mastered it, though, it will be very difficult for the average player to kill you, especially if you have a Soul Dancer around to heal you up constantly.

You can check out our Blade Master class guide to learn more about it!

Is this class for you?

This class is for you if you want to survive pretty much everything in mass-player battles (be it PvP or PvE) and you don’t mind relying on the support to keep you alive in them. There are other classes who might deal more damage, but the Blade Master damage cannot be neglected either.

Dragon Raja – Gunslinger class

As a Gunslinger you only do damage, and focus on bursting down the enemies from a very safe distance. The class will excel at taking down single targets, such as bosses and players, due to the very high damage output.

Overall Damage: 5/5

AoE/Explosion Damage: 4/5

Survivability: 3/5

Crowd Control: 3/5

Assist/Support: 1/5

Range: 5/5

Difficulty to play: 2/5

Gunslingers have very low crowd control abilities compared to other classes, as they are mainly reliant on damage – not even survivability as much. This is a class which will almost always need another character to tank for them in the instances and such, as their defense is low compared to pretty much every other class in game.

But putting that aside, if you play with a friend who goes Blade Master, then this is a great choice if you want more damage (not counting the Soul Dancer for healing). Gunslingers are fun and easy to play, and in every PvE instance you will shred the enemies one after another all the time if you have the right gear and skills.

Is this class for you?

If you don’t really go YOLO all the time and you can wait for another class (mainly Blade Master) to go in front and aggro the enemy, then Gunslinger is a good choice. Also, if you are able to kite (or learn to kite) well, then it’s a good choice. Because it is easy to learn and play, it’s also a class which I would recommend for complete beginners because it can be pretty fun!

Dragon Raja – Assassin class

The Assassin is one of the hardest classes to play, as they need perfect timing for the skills, but if you are open to learn everything and practice again and again, then it can be extremely rewarding, especially in PvP battles.

Overall Damage: 4.8/5

AoE/Explosion Damage: 4.8

Survivability: 2/5

Crowd Control: 2/5

Assist/Support: 2/5

Range: 4/5

Difficulty to play: 5/5

The Assassin shines through for their extremely high burst damage, which can be dealt from both close range and long range, which can really become kind of annoying for opponents. Another unique skill which will make the Assassin a beat in PvP is the Crystal Coffin, which engulfs your character in ice for a short time, but will nullify any attack on you.

I consider the attacks of the Assassin to be some of the strongest, both single target and AoE, but it can become a little bit challenging to switch between sets and range. So for that, I recommend that you don’t go head-first into a battle as the surviving skills of the Assassin sum up to 1 skill pretty much.

Is this class for you?

If you are willing to learn when to combo, when to attack at the right time and when to go in and out of a battle, then Assassin is definitely for you. As it’s not easy to master this class, you will need to train a bit and not go with “auto battle” all the time, as that will do you no good in massive battles.

I definitely don’t recommend it as your first character, especially if you haven’t got any experienced playing melee characters, shifting range characters and or you want to rely on “auto battle”.

Dragon Raja – Soul Dancer class

dragon raja soul dancer class

A unique class which has some pretty fun features and skills, and is the healer/damage dealer of the bunch. They have the only support healing skills in the game, and their damage kit is pretty decent, but can’t really beat the Assassin in terms of burst damage.

Overall Damage: 4.5/5

AoE/Explosion Damage: 3/5

Survivability: 4/5

Crowd Control: 3.5/5

Assist/Support: 5/5

Range: 4.5/5

Difficulty to play: 2/5

Because of their kit, the Soul Dancers are a pretty unique class, which has their Gemini following them around in battle. They can bind to allies and boost their stats, hence the very high Assist stats. They have decent damage, but it is mainly single target damage.

Now on the healing side, they are the best class in game for that. They can help allies survive in pretty much all the situations – if not through healing, then through CC’ing the enemy (transforming them into a duck).

You can check our Soul Dancer class guide to learn more about the class!

Is this class for you?

If you want to play a support character, then no questions asked, this is the one you should go for. They rely a lot on timing skills right and not overdoing the crowd controls (because the more they get cast within a short period of time, the weaker the effect), but once you learn how to do it right, then this is definitely a good class for you to pick. Oh, and it’s beginner friendly too!

dragon raja 7

These are all the classes in Dragon Raja! If you want to check out some more stuff about the game, then make sure you check our game guide with all the tips and tricks that we’ve got for you!

Is there something else you’d like to learn about the game, or that you want us to cover? Leave your answers down in the comments section below!

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Dragon Raja Classes Guide: Best Class in the Game Based on Your Play Style


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