Dragon Quest Tact Tier List – Best Monsters, Ranked


Dragon Quest Tact is an incredibly addicting mobile RPG. The game has an exciting fantasy story in which you have to collect many different Monsters. And to defeat your enemies, you must also use different strategies and combine different Monsters. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you about the ranking of the best Monsters in Dragon Quest Tact.

Best Monsters in Dragon Quest Tact

In Dragon Quest Tact, you progress through the story by winning various battles. And for this, you will need to think over effective tactics. And there is no universal tactic because in the game all the enemies have different abilities and weaknesses. Moreover, you need to use Monsters in battles, of which there is a huge number in the game. And, of course, not all of them are equally strong. Therefore, we created a Tier List to make it easier for you to pick up Monsters.

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Dragon Quest Tact Tier List

SHybrid, King She-Slime, Hell Gladiator, Baramos, Squidzilla, Killing Machine, Dread Dragon, Great Dragon, Night Clubber, Slionheart, Queen Slime, Prism Peacock, Royal Reptile, Dragonlord, Zoma, Dragonlord’s True Form, Emperor Slime, Wight Knight, Great Troll, Archdemon, Metal Dragon
AAxesaurus, Dark Skeleton, Bone Baron, Cosmic Chimaera, Slimecicle, Ewwnicorn, Lime Slime, Devilmouth, Dragon Zombie, Boreal Serpent, Living Statue, Striking Sabrecat, Boss Troll, Wyrtoise, Handsome Crab, Silvapithecus, Slimeshroom, Gigantes, Hellion
BHades Condor, Lemon Slime, Stone Golem, Knight Abhorrent, Raving Lunatick, Orc Chieftain, Cyber Slime, Wharfhorse, Drohl Drone, Gargoyle, Dragurn, Skeleton Soldier, Bad Karmour, Tearwolf
CShadow, Mandrake Mercenary, Clawcerer, Bodkin Feather, Mushroom Mage, Angel Slime, Fightgeist, Mummy Boy, Salamander Fry, Lips, Mud Mannequin, Minidemon, Buffalo Wing

As you can see, S-Tier has the most Monsters. Therefore, use one of them to destroy any of your enemies. Further in the A and B-Tiers, there are also good Monsters, but they are much weaker than the S-Tier. Finally, D-Tier has the weakest Monsters in the game.

That’s all you need to know about the best Monsters in Dragon Quest Tact. Follow our Tier List to collect the best of the best units. And while you are here, take a look at our Dragon Quest Tact: Reroll guide.

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Dragon Quest Tact Tier List – Best Monsters, Ranked


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