Dragon Quest Tact is a turn-based strategy spin-off game of the legendary Dragon Quest franchise, one of the biggest JRPG series ever. Players get to tame monsters and build a dream team of their favorite Dragon Quest creatures! Since the game just came out recently, a data for a proper tier list is still being collected for the global version of the game.

With that said, a few S-rank monsters have already been released and the community has already chosen a select few to be the best. Today, we will go over the best starting S-rank monsters to have to start the main quest of Dragon Quest Tact on the right foot. Consider this a preliminary tier list, if you will!

Bear in mind that Dragon Quest Tact is very easy to reroll if you get a bad starting hand, so feel free to start over if you. Be sure to check out our Dragon Quest Tact reroll guide for more details. Let’s get started!

Wight King

Wight King is a magic leader that boosts the damage of all magic attackers. As of now he is considered the best one of the best monsters to have thanks to his leader skill, his powerful spells like Swoosh and Zam, and a passive ability that regenerates his MP over time. If you manage to pull Wight King you should be set for a while!

Emperor Slime

This fancy Slime is one of the best support monsters right now. Kabuff, Cheer, and Multiheal allow Emperor Slime to provide substantial support to the rest of your team, boosting their attack and defense and healing them when they’re hurt. Emperor Slime’s utility is too good to pass up!

Killing Machine

Whereas Wight King is a magic attacker, Killing Machine is the physical attacker. Its leader skill raises the potency of crack-type skills, which includes things like Kacrackle Slash. Killing Machine can easily decimate a single target or multiple targets nearby thanks to its high damaging skills like Rolling Attack and Kacrackle Slash.

Prism Peacock

Another strong magic attacker, Prism Peacock’s Frizz and Zap spells can deal massive damage from a distance. Prism Peacock also has very high agility, meaning it will almost always go before anything else on the field. Prism Peacock is also a great magic leader, as its leader skill boosts Frizz-type damage.

Great Troll

Troll King is a big beefy boy – he’s got the highest HP out of all of the units currently available on global, though his defense is lacking. His leader ability lowers the attack power, which slightly makes up for the lowered defense. Troll King can help your team be a little more tanky with his skill.


Hybird is a speedy bird! With a base movement of 4 and long range breath attacks like Frizz allow Hybird to nuke multiple enemies with high spell power. Hybird’s leader ability reduces enemies’ Frizz resistance, opening them up for even more damage from Hybird.

Honorable Mentions

The following monsters are still very strong but require a little more planning to utilize fully. If you get one of these monsters and not any of the ones above, don’t fret – you’ve still got a good monster on your side!

  • King She-Slime
  • Metal Dragon
  • Kaiser Dragon
  • Great Dragon
  • Archdemon
  • Squidzilla
  • Night Clubber
  • Hell Gladiator

Think another monster should be on this list? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!



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