Does Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 4 ‘Wild Dogs’ Have New Maps

Does Call of Duty Mobile's Season 4 ‘Wild Dogs’ Have New Maps

With Call of Duty Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs just around the corner, many have started to wonder whether COD Season 4 will have new maps or not. The current season has had a decent run so far and introduced players to the new Miami map, featuring palm trees scattered throughout. Now, with Activision finally teasing COD Season 4, players can’t help but wonder about all the things that will be arriving with the next season. In this article, we will answer the question: does Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 ‘Wild Dogs’ have new maps?

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Does Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 4 ‘Wild Dogs’ Have New Maps?

The short answer is yes, COD Season 4 will have brand new maps. The next update will see the arrival of two new maps called Satellite and Khandor Hideout.

The Satellite map is split into 2 regions: the desert and the crags. The desert dunes are open with routes wrapped by the dunes, creating corridors that players can traverse through, while the crags region has caves, which makes it ideal for close range fights.

The Satellite map will be one of the largest maps in the game upon its launch after maps like Miami Strike or Hacienda. The public test build showed off three types of vehicles available on the map: SUVs, bikes, and tanks. 

The second map coming to COD Mobile Season 4 will be Khandor Hideout. This map is set in a town in Khandor which was turned into a hideout for Al-Qatala. There are 13 distinct zones that this map contains:

  • Arch – Coalition Spawn
  • Backlot
  • Residence
  • Garage
  • Delivery
  • Market
  • Armor
  • Lab
  • Field
  • Recycle
  • Lookout
  • Radio
  • Security – Allegiance Spawn

That’s all the new maps coming to COD Mobile Season 4. The new season will also add new weapons, a Battle Pass, modes, and more.

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Does Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 4 ‘Wild Dogs’ Have New Maps


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